Give Me The Horizon/Give Me A Hill (Poem Collection)

Submitted by Madalyn Clare on Mon, 02/13/2017 - 01:57

Give Me The Horizon

Give me the horizon of sea and stars.
Give me the horizon- it's so very far away.

Reach for my hand and take me to where you are.
Where you are, my dear, evermore, I think I’ll stay.

The shadows that chased me far
Have been cast behind.
The light is before me,
And the dark - a trouble to go and find.

Never more running!
I’ve no need to hide!
No need to go,
Don't say goodbye.

There was a wall
There was a wall, strong and true.
It took the light away, for it no call,
It took me from you.

Never more! The sky calls my name!
The song for sky and sea takes my dark and gives my flame!

I'm very inspired by sea-influenced poetry. I wrote this for a Peter Pan rewrite I had made when I was about twelve, and I had written this piece for the last book, and Captain Hook sang it.


Give Me A Hill

"Give me a hill,
And I’ll build you a home.
The little house of your dreams."

"Love me still,
And I’ll hold you close!
Come and be married to me."

I said those words
But once shy,
And I lost the war that was love.

She made my world,
But it was none except I
That made the loneliness I speak of.

But that angel of mine
When I ‘came twenty years wise
She took my lonely, empty hand

She told me, “in quick time,
If you love me, then, my sire, rise
And for my house, level the land.”

I wrote this after reading Ranger's Apprentice and falling in love with it when I was... thirteen, if I remember correctly? There was a ballad in that book that inspired me to compose this one.
Come To Me (alternate name: Merry Shanty)

Come to me,
O mighty seas,
Come to the sea-master’s aid.
Remember the lees,
The safe-haven of the seas,
That rock and salt and time have made!

I wrote this originally for the same story that the Some Pirate Song was from, and then it came into the Peter Pan story, as more of a warning, with more verses:

I have the stories,
The tales of old,
But no cry shall sway me,
But a tongue of gold.

What ho, the mountains in the clouds.
What danger, what dangers do the fogs shroud?

Well, we're all caught up with my presentable poems! All the others I need to refine a bit more before posting them on here. Any critique or insight is valued and EXTREMELY welcome! I'm still learning and your help would be, well, very helpful, as it's so self explanatory. Be harsh to me if need be, please!

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Oh my word. I am struggling to pick a favorite certainly have a way with words!!! I think "Give Me a Hill" and "Come to Me" tie in favor. Gorgeousness, they're perfection!!

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Beautiful!! I love the literary imagery of the last one. Great work here. :)

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These are lovely. You have a lot of really exciting rhythm in your poems. And I love your sea poems - I find sea-influence poetry inspiring too. : ) I have to ask, what are some of your favorites? "Sea Fever" by John Masefield is mine, but I also like John Keats' "On the Sea" and Matthew Arnold's "Dover Beach" - and probably a few others I can't think of right now!