Forever with You

Submitted by Sarah Liz on Thu, 02/23/2017 - 18:33

Life’s journey is long and it’s winding,
Through vales, mountains and seas
Climbing o’er mountains, fording dark streams
‘Till heaven’s glories we’ll see.

E’en though this journey is darkened
Stained by the blight of men’s crime
God sends us His vessels of mercy
Beloved, you’re one of them—mine.

That’s why I praise Him I met you
I thank God our winding paths crossed
We met under bright Texas sunshine
In His timing we came to love.

So when you knelt down before me
Down on one knee with a ring
Asked me to join you in marriage
I said yes! to the forever He brings.

So during our late Texas springtime
Lord willing I’ll stand by your side
Praise God we can love, for He loved us;
Once friends, now your future bride!

Author's age when written

Was talking to Damaris earlier, and realized I never updated ApricotPie on recent happenings in my life! :) By the grace of God, May 20th will mark the beginning of a new chapter in my life, as Sarah Elizabeth Murdock.


Oh my goodness, congratulations! That's so amazing! Lovely poem, too!

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