Silver Eyes

Submitted by Sylver on Mon, 03/20/2017 - 23:29

The things I've done
This crown that I've won
A tale for my son
Are my honest lies
Of a life beyond mine
Royal beyond bloodlines
A love beyond time
Behind silver eyes

A traveler from places far
A scholar and yet a warrior
The one people fight for
They call Silver Eyes

A vision of the future
Free from strife and war
A land green and pure
Burns in silver eyes

A knight and his sword
A land and its lord
A sage and his word
Fear the Silver Eyes

A song has been sung
The war has begun
Nobody wants to run
From his silver eyes

Another battle to win
For a world without sin
Is all they see within
His dark silver eyes

After the people were saved
They looked for days
Hoping that he had stayed
But where was Silver Eyes?

A world and its people
A story and its sequel
A man and his equal
In my silver eyes

Author's age when written

Hopefully, I can continue this. Sylver's story is one I wish to spread. Look closely and you may guess what is next.