He Held Her Hand

Submitted by Madalyn Clare on Wed, 05/10/2017 - 01:07

1: Radiance

He looked onto the girl with reverent eyes
And upon his face was slapped surprise.
Her hair bound ‘round her in rolling cadence
And harmony with her smile of radiance.

2: Laughter

He listened unto the girl with pleasure plain
As she giggled like a brook after playful rain.
None could look anywhere but at her
With the song of her soulful laughter.

3: Embrace

He knelt ‘fore the girl with joy unbounded
As she stood frozen ‘fore him, dumbfounded.
She said ‘yes’ with perfection and grace
And with the ring between, he earned her embrace.

4: Years

He held her hand with fidelity true.
Time passed, as all mortal things do.
He never knew he’d be brought to tears
By the inevitable passing of the years.

5: Faded

He helped her live with faith untested
As forced he was to work while she rested.
Though living, he was no longer serenaded
By her soulful laughter, as she quickly faded.

6: Touch

He held her hand with fidelity true.
As she faded, there was none else he could do.
Stone graves barely fitted one who loved so much,
He thought as he missed to feel of her touch.

7: Sadness

He went home with heart of lead
As he remembered his heart now dead.
While his mind wandered in the depths of silence,
His heart walked the path of sadness.

8: Weep

He held her hand with tired eyes tearing
As she fussed and heard his words endearing.
The child cooed and against her dad fell to sleep
And in the innocence, he found no reason to weep.

9: Bicycle

He held her hand with smile unbroken
As she graduated from first words spoken.
From steps to running to dance came the cycle,
From singing to choir to the first bicycle.

10: Away

He held her hand with pride beyond words
As obstacles she gracefully conquered.
He knew, always, that, someday,
At hands at ten and two, she would go away.

11: Lasted

He held her hand with silent joy
As in her arms she held her little boy.
He smiled as for success she was casted,
And he was thankful for the love that had lasted.

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A lot of my stories lean on family dynamics, and right now, as I'm writing my novel's sequel, I have a lot of tragic family dynamics. This poem is based on my common plot of a death within the family affecting the main character (being the father). Will it affect him negatively in the long run or will something good come out of it? In this case, death at childbirth?


This is so beautiful. To be honest, you almost had me in tears. But then again, it's one of those days...haha I've become pretty emotional lately. :P but emotions are beautiful, so thank you for touching mine.

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