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I stared at the blank paper in front of me, wracking my brain, searching for something, ANYTHING to write about, but to no avail. I had nothing to write. Nothing to say.

I looked around my little studio. One chair, one desk, and a computer were the only things in it, so calling it a “studio” is rather generous. Regardless, it was the best studio I had. I stood up and left the pithy room back into my house. I threw a hot dog onto a frying pan, and rolled it around over the heat as I zoned off. What was I going to write about?

A knock at the door diverted me from the subject, and I headed toward it. The visitor pounded the door again impatiently before I could even make it out of the kitchen, so I quickened my pace. I opened the door right when the visitor was about to knock again, and just missed getting my face pounded in. I opened my eyes just in time to see the strange visitor pushing a button. This wasn't just any visitor to my house; this was a visitor to Earth.

The next thing I knew, I was on some kind of alien spaceship, with a high arching ceiling, and aggressively bright lights. Don't ask me how I got there; I must’ve teleported or something. Anyway, I was in a cage of horizontal bars, surrounded by a bunch of aliens, each one holding objects I could not recognize. One alien stepped up to me holding a long, strait object that was clearly very sharp. I knew what he was going to do with that. He grew closer and closer, but the cage was so small, I couldn't back away. He came within about an inch of my face, and I flinched, prepared for impact.

I peaked open one eye, then the other, and I found that the alien had turned the tool sideways, and it had projected a screen into the air where he was viewing something. I think he was viewing my anatomy, but I don't know. I just hoped he wasn't reading my thoughts, because the things going through my head were not the kindest at that time.

They ran many tests on me, but they never touched me, and I wasn't damaged. Soon they all left and I was alone in my cage. I don't think they had ever captured a human before, because apparently they did not know we can bend at the waist. I easily slid through the bars, and into freedom. Well, mostly free. I was still trapped on the ship. I sprinted from the room, and began to sneak around the ship. The ship was riddled with vast, confusing, tangled corridors. I quickly lost track of where I was, and was just running in hopes of finding… Anything really.
I came upon containment room after containment room, just like the one I was in before, and found many more species of animals, none of which could fit through the bars like I could.

I walked and walked, with no real destination to speak of, just looking for something that looked scientific and mechanical enough to be a transportation devise. While that was my main goal, I can’t help but admit that I was extremely intrigued by the different creatures in the cages. Wouldn't you be? They resembled everything from chipmunks to ostriches, in a strange mangled sort of way. I could see on the nameplates the different names, but I could not understand them, for each one was in the script of the different planets. I came across one that I could understand; human. How did that work? I had gone in a big circle? I peered into my room, and saw some aliens investigating my empty cage. I saw one of them pull out something that looked like a combination of a machete and a banana, and point it into the cage. Next thing I knew, there was another human standing there, looking as panicked as I must have.

That was it, my transportation device. They were standing in the center of the room, but there were miscellaneous piles of machinery scattered conveniently around the outside edge of the room. I tore out from the doorway, and ducked behind the first pile. No one noticed. I sprinted to the second pile. No one noticed. I kept getting closer and closer unnoticed, until I was a few feet away from the aliens in the middle of the room, but there were no more piles to run to. I would have to go for it. I flew out from behind the pile, and grabbed the transporter as I ran past. I ducked behind another pile, as I fumbled frantically to try to make the transportation device work. I found the button that I presumed was to make it work, and took one last peek at the aliens.

They hadn’t even turned to me! I stole something right out of their hands, and they hadn’t even noticed! The man in the cage was staring at me, so I motioned to him to slide out through the bars. I meant for him to do it later, but he misunderstood me and slid out immediately. As soon as he was out, the aliens started looking around frantically, scanning the room, but they didn't see him. How could they have not seen him? He was standing in the middle of the room, right in front of them!

They began communicating, and the alien who I stole the transporter from earlier stared at his hand. He hadn’t seen me take it. He looked on the floor, but it wasn't there. It was in my hand. That's when I put it together; they could only see us if we were in the cage. We were invisible to them otherwise. I stepped out from behind the pile of machinery into the center of the room with the man.

I didn't dare tell him what was going on for fear we might be heard, so I just fired the machete banana at him and hoped it did what I presumed it did. I then fired it at myself, and I arrived back on Earth successfully, right next to the man. I explained to him what had happened, what I did, and what I had discovered, and he understood. We had both been transported down to the man’s front doorstep, because that is what the transporter was last set to. I recognized the street; it was on my morning jog route. I said goodbye to the man and headed home. While I was walking I thought about the story I would write when I got home.

I was going to write my story with the aliens. I decided how I would describe things, what I would call it, and everything before I had even arrived. But when I did, I found my house surrounded by fire trucks. My hot dog had caught fire and burned my house down. I walked through the rubble, finding burnt shards of my precious items scattered around. I reached where my studio had been, on the outskirts of my property. The fire was mostly put out by the time it reached this room, so it was in much better condition then the rest of the house. I pressed the "On" button on my computer, and the screen slowly flickered on. Well, half of it did. I plugged in my partially melted keyboard, and tested the keys to see if they worked. Almost all of them did, except the keys "E", "V", and "K".

Challenge accepted.

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I wrote this and sent it into a magazine, but it got rejected. I sent another story in at the same time, and they are still considering it. Cross your fingers for me!!!


Haha! This is a really fun story to read. :)

There is one sentence that was a bit confusing because of phrasing. I'll paste it here and elaborate.

"I stood up and left the pithy room back into my house. I this it would be less confusing if you added one more word and a comma. I stood up and left my pithy room, going back into my house. like so.

Anyways, I really enjoyed this! I'm so happy that you're posting actively. :)

I don’t thrive off of chaos: chaos thrives off of me.

:) A very funny story! It was kinda cool how they can't see you unless you're in the cage. Neat how you think of all these things I never would've thought of. ;) What magazine do you send to? Which story did you send them? Have we seen it?
There's no need for you to answer the questions if you prefer not to. But I hope your story gets accepted! Best of luck to you, and I'll be praying for you!

Hey Libby! The story I submitted to the magazine was not published here, and likely won't ever be. The basic plot was that a young woman was trying on clothing in a store, and she gets locked in. She tries to get out several different ways, but she quickly learns that she is stuck. She goes to sleep in the store, due to lack of other options, but is woken up the following morning by policemen. They arrest her, and she ends up in jail, accused of breaking in to steal jewelry. That is not the end, but thats all I am going to say just in case it gets accepted and you get to read it. Overall, it is the short story I have written that I am most proud of, and I believe it has one of the greatest twist endings of all my writing thus far. I recently entered it into a $1000 for 1000 words contest, and the winners will be announced in February. Thanks for your support!