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You who killed because of Him-
Died for Him in the end.
You who persecuted because of Him-
Were persecuted for Him.

Could it be that such men
Can be moved by one Mover?
I listen to them silently,
Tears in my eyes.

Music made for adoration
Of the God they tried to kill.
Led by one and accompanied by many
Portray pure worship.

How foolish, how childlike,
Were they as they sang to their
Persecuted Parent?
One would never know.

Their past was behind them now
That they had been baptized
In fire and water, as was foretold.

‘And the old document
Makes way for the New
Covenant’ as I translated it.
Blood makes way for Grace.

How our world uses
Your words against you.
Superficial and dark-
Used in Halloween tracks
Instead of churches.

‘In saecula in saeculorum-Amen.’
As it was in the beginning, is now,
And ever shall be-

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I love listening to Roman chant. I could totally nerd-out about the types and regions and where it comes from. I wrote this listening to Mozarabic Latin Chant (a good Catholic mix lol), absolutely in awe of how pure in worship it is. Have an awesome New Year! Here's a piece of a chant called 'Pange Lingua Gloriosi' which is called the 'Tantum Ergo':


The first verse really stuck with me, and made it difficult to focus on the following lines until you hit me with this one;
Blood makes way for Grace.
Amazing. I'm hopefully about to sleep, and that deep line will be my subject of thought as I slip from consciousness. Thank you, Maddie, for sharing this gem with us.

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Roman chant is a beautiful music form; this poem is a lovely tribute to it. And the penultimate stanza is so true - I put some songs on once to check it out (not exactly an expert in it, but I can appreciate it :D) and my brother thought I was watching a scary movie. :P It's kinda sad though, that songs so rich in awe, wonder, and respect have been twisted into spooky soundtracks.

Also . . . does this mean you are fluent in/can translate Latin? 'Cause that's pretty cool too :)

@Hannah: I can't say I'm fluent in Latin at all (that's something to talk to my friend Mica Irjo about ;), but I can translate select chants. I am deeply rooted in Latin and Gregorian chant, being Roman Catholic, though.

I'm always so disappointed when I hear Gregorian and Latin chant used anywhere but in prayer! This is, as we Catholics like to put it, Sacred Music. I'm training to sing in a Latin Mass, and I can't imagine this music used for superficial purposes. From what I can translate, they are devotions, such as the Hosanna, Sanctus, and Pange Lingua, and others are full prayers in Latin, like Ave Maria, the rosary, Dies Irae. It's a shame it's used in other places.

@All of you: Thanks so much for reading! <3

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The words paint such a beautiful image for me to see; I enjoy your posts so much, and this one all the more because of its message and the beautiful flow of the words.
I have to agree with Hannah that I, too, enjoy listening to Gregorian Chant. It's a really meaningful way to worship.