Vast is the Ocean

Submitted by Libby on Tue, 01/09/2018 - 21:24

Vast is the ocean
Singing its song
Roaring and free.
Lulled by its motion
Ringing along

I catch the waves
Slapping the sand
Washing me clean.
My soul, thirsty, craves
This peaceful land
It’s beauty to glean.

Blue is the sky
Soft are the clouds
Drifting up there.
Rest draweth nigh,
Sleep now enshrouds
Every care.

All is silence.

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Libby, this is gorgeous.

Vast is the ocean
Singing its song
I love your use of the word "singing" here.
I catch the waves
Washing me clean
I could be interpreting this wrong, but my mental image is the vastness of Christ's love washing over us and making us clean.
All is silence
Perfect ending. Such a peaceful note. Keep writing, lovely girl. Your works are such treasures of beauty and deep truths. <3

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You've done it again, Libby! :)

I like how serene this poem is. I think you helped capture the mood with the short lines and the consistent rhyme. It's a very peaceful poem. It makes one to feel that, after being out at sea for a long time in a very small boat, he has finally found the land he seeks, and he can now rest. :)

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All I could imagine is an elderly man whispering this on a gloomy, chilly, yet invigoratingly peaceful beach...
My mind goes everywhere when I read poetry. Is that bad? ;) :)
Ah, Libby, whenever I ready your poetry, I'm taken someplace. I don't always know where I'm going but it's always somewhere beautiful.

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I love this; the rhyme scheme feels like waves rocking in and out, which made the words themselves that much more impactful. Very nice job!

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