Traitor of Tipharah Chapter 4

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Peter stopped talking, and I thought it was because he was taking in a breath. However, he did not continue his story. Impatient to hear the rest, I asked, "You escaped?" Obviously they had.
"We escaped." He muttered. "We left the Book of Adonay...broke my bow while we were running as well. There," Peter sighed as if he was just relieved of a heavy burden. "Now you know."
It was a rather sudden ending. Perhaps he was still keeping things from me. I pushed the thought aside, not wanting to ruin the moment by being a busybody. I would implore for the rest of the story...later.
I tried to think of something to say, but I was having difficulty comprehending all that he revealed. The invasion and the kingdom of Tipharah had been a mystery, a bit of history that seemed so far away. Now a segment was here in our village, alive and well.
My silence seemed to make him anxious. "Say something." He urged.
"I honestly do not know what to say. It is hardly a shady past I would expect.” I tilted my head. “You said this happened ten years ago. What has happened since? Where have you been?"
"Hiding, for the most part. We stayed in different villages and adopted names and stories for ourselves. I kept expecting us to remain in one place after a while, but something kept pushing my father to...go farther. The more we traveled the more invisible we became. About five years ago we came to the Betach Mountains. We lived near the Hadarah."
"You were not that far from here." I mused.
"No." He paused, and a troubled look passed over his face. "Listen, Maggie, thank you for listening, but it might be best if you decide not to believe me."
I shook my head. "Too late. Despite your misgivings about us knowing each other for a short time, I trust you. I believe what you say about your past is true. I also want you to know that you can trust me. No one will know who you are...not from me." I took his hand, and he surprised me by kissing mine. I giggled. "I know very little about this world we live in."
“It is not a very nice place to know."
"Nonetheless..." An idea slipped into my head. “I think it is almost midnight.”
“So it seems.” He agreed.
“It is my turn then. Raise your hand.” He cocked an eyebrow, but did as I said. “Repeat after me, I Peter, prince of Tipharah.” He repeated my words. “Swear that when you and your father go back to reclaim your throne,” he hesitated, but still repeated, “That you will allow me to come with you.”
He stared at me in shock. “Maggie," he said while shaking his head. “I do not know if we are ever going back. We have waited for a long while now. I am convinced we cannot.”
“Are you?”
I felt a wave of disappointment, but I gave a single nod. “Then I was out of place. I am sorry.”
“It is all right. I am surprised you would want to leave. I was under the impression that this was a nice place.”
“It is. Though we are small, we consider ourselves a strong village that can brave any tumult and danger. We work together, fight together…play together. There is not a single secret amongst us…which…is about to change.” I smiled. “I do not think you have anything to worry about though. A good number of the villagers pride themselves in gossip and rumors, which means they will have written your story for you by the end of the week. They will perfect it in a month, and all you will have to do is step into the character and agree with everything they say.”
“It almost sounds like a science.” He mused.
“An artwork.”
“I am supposing that I am not the first stranger here.”
“We have traders who come almost every spring and fall. One of them stayed and married. That was before I could remember.” I paused. “Actually, I am going off of what Hillaria said yesterday morning.” I recounted her discussion with my mother. "They thought you might be thieves."
He admitted it was not the first time someone came to that conclusion. “Father did not bother to change their minds. In fact, he encouraged it in Shale.”
“So your family already has a reputation. As long as you do not answer too many questions about your ‘thieving days,’ you have absolutely nothing to worry about.”
He chuckled, but then said in a serious tone. "I do not want to keep secrets anymore. I am tired of hiding. Do you know anyone here who would...try to tell the leaders if they found out who we are?”
So many reasons jumped into my head as why he could reveal himself and not fear danger. Knowing my family and the villagers, nobody would turn them away. They would accept them, endorse them, even uplift them. It would be an exciting event, except for one problem. “We do not love the leaders, and I imagine everybody would love you all the more. But the more exciting the news, the faster it travels. No one would intentionally turn you in, but they just might let something slip. You would be safer as a repented thief."
"Do you think you can pretend to be a thief again?"
"I think so."
"Wonderful." I was tempted to steal a kiss myself, but I knew the gesture would probably not be welcome…yet. “By the way, I have one more question. Who is Adonay? My parents said it had something to do with the old religion of Tipharah.”
Peter opened his mouth to respond but at the same time I heard my father call. “MAGGIE!” Peter and I jumped behind the tree, and his hand touched my back. My heart pounded from being close to him. “Maggie! Where are you?”
“I am in trouble.” I whispered.
“Sorry, I can…”
“No, you go home. I will come up with something.”
“Are you sure you want to do that?”
“Of course!”
“MAGNOLIA!” my father yelled.
“Meet me on the morrow.” I whispered to Peter. Again I felt the incomprehensible, and irresistible sensation to kiss him. I reached up and pecked him on the cheek...all I could dare to do. Not waiting to see his reaction, I came out from behind the tree and approached my father.
Peter was so much more than I ever could have comprehended. He was prince, kind, truthful, and eager to do what was right. As I listened to my father’s lecture about spending too much time outside at night, I made a promise to myself. I would marry him, and I would follow him wherever he went, even if that meant staying in Uz. Even though it had only been a few days, I was convinced I was in love with him.

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This is such a sweet chapter!! The only thing wrong with it is that it's too short. ;) *sigh* I suppose I'll just have to wait patiently for the next one. :)

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