Never Let That Joy Go

Submitted by Joy J. on Fri, 08/03/2018 - 02:24

How beautiful and joyous,
The sound of sweet music!
Singing of God’s wondrous
And amazing great love!

I think all of us agree
There is power in songs.
God can work through these
To bring about healing

Tell me why is there strength
In the praising of our LORD,
When we all sing at length,
When our eyes lift to heaven?

Why does it bring bright faces,
And lift off great sadness?
Why does it bring fun dances,
And drive away fear?

I’d like to tell you why
The praise from our mouths
Lifting up to heaven so high
Bestows on us great joy:

When we sing of God’s grace
And of His great love
When we know we’re embraced
By our amazing Father,

Our outlook on our life
Changes as we sing
We see there’s no need for strife
When our God is right with us

Our minds do then see
The greatness and glory,
The power and majesty,
Of the LORD, God Almighty!

So when you feel burdened,
When the walls seem too high,
When you’re down and discouraged,
I know God would say:

“Turn your eyes on me,
For there’s nothing I can’t do,
Don’t lose sight of your King,
And of what He can do.

Praise me for what I’ve done,
And what I do for you!
Even though troubles aren’t fun,
There’s joy in them too!

I’m always right with you,
I’ll always be there
I’ll help you get through
The trials of your life.

And even through rain
And the troubles of life,
You can rejoice in the pain
For there’s much I’ve done for you.”

Even when it’s hard to see
God bestows blessings on us all
Yes, even on you and me
We benefit, so let’s show our thanks!

But there’s something else too:
No matter what’s happening,
Or what you’re going through,
There’s encouragement in songs.

So don’t keep things low,
Thank God for His love!
Turn on the radio
Shout your praise to God!

It’s a privilege that we own
For through all these blessings
God has indeed shown
His amazing, great love!

So why not praise Him?
And why not show
Your deep appreciation
For all that He’s done

Let the joy of God’s promises
Fill you up to the brim
Knowing you are His
Never letting that joy go!

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Thank you guys! I'm glad you like it!

C.S. Lewis ~ "He died not for men, but for each man. If each man had been the only man made, He would have done no less."