The Painting

Submitted by Libby on Tue, 01/08/2019 - 07:27

The painting sat in its corner, alone and untouched for years. Never had it been finished, yet in a way it was. The beauty, the liveliness, the joyous expression in the face of the child whom this artist had endeavored to portray—all of this—if you looked at it for very long—would seem to come alive. The cheeks would flush with excitement, the eyes would dance in merriment, and the upturned lips looked as if they were about to laugh. Though a few small areas on the likeness were still unfinished, on the whole, the happy little creature was very well drawn. In fact, it was so nicely done that not one could find fault with it. Do you wish to know who the young child in the portrait is?

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Wrote this when I was 11? 12? I don't know if I'll continue it, but if you have suggestions, inspirations, thoughts, i would love to hear them.


The narrator could be the child in the painting, and use it as a metaphor for how each of us are, in a way, unfinished paintings. Imperfect with missing pieces, yet beautiful and complete.

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My insight is that it just actually comes to life. XDDD Or or, you could tell the story of the little girl, or why the artist painted her. ?

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Hmm....I'm afraid I don't have any idea who the child is, but this was beautifully written and caught my curiosity. I like Damaris's idea, about us all being unfinished paintings. Whether that's the answer or not, I like this piece.

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Hmmm, I don't have any ideas to add. :) I just like it! Well done Libby! Although I'm curious as to whom the person in the painting is.

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You guys are great :) Thank you so much for all your lovely, encouraging comments! <3
All your ideas were so inspiring and fun and (some of them) deep. ;) I have to say, Heather was actually the closest to getting it right. I wrote this with a story in mind - the story of the little girl. I never got to writing it, but I still have it up in my head, fresh like I thought it up yesterday. :)
I do have to say, though, that Damaris' idea was really neat and I want to see where that goes sometime. :)
Thank you, too, Grace and Joy. :)
I know I leave a ton of smiley faces, but I hope they're not bothersome because I really do like them. :) Thank you all once again. Maybe I'll find time to write everything I want to sometime in the future. ;)

This was so endearing! I loved the balance between it being a vague description of something mysterious and a detailed description of something you now know very well...I would love to see where this goes!

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