Some Nights

Submitted by Caleb on Mon, 04/01/2019 - 08:08

She walks through the day in her tippy high-heels,
With her eyes straight ahead, no one knows how she feels,
'Cause her Maybelline face never cracks, never peals;
And she begins again,
Just the way it’s been,
Each morning.

Some nights she thinks that all is not right,
She should put down her novel — she should join in the fight.
There’s a world-wide war between darkness and light —
She should put down her phone, and just maybe she might…

'God don’t let me forget with the dreams of the night,
When I wake up a cross is there,
For me to bear,
Each morning.'

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Thanks, Damaris. How is it even possible that I wrote this when it says "no one knows how she feels."? It's a portrait of a girl but I think we all have had some of those feelings.

And he was just wondering, for he was a severe critic of his own work, whether that last line couldn't be polished up a bit...
~P.G. Wodehouse