Hobbit Party

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The Party Tree is in blossom
The grass is fresh, under the star full sky
Night hath fallen upon the Shire
Tents do stand alighted by lamps
Food is piled upon the tables
Smoke curls up from the supper
And Hobbits eat their fill
Hobbits dance, and weave around
Their faces beam with light of laughter
The music plays, and fills the air
The moon is glowing as it gleams down
The fireworks sprout out from the darkness
Their sparkling colors brighten the night
They spread out into spears and trees
Colors are neon, they glitter like stars
The laughter is much, the merriment is true
In the Hobbit Party

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Yay! You posted it!!!
I love it, it's so cute. :)
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I love Hobbits! I like the little Hobbit children (the ones in the movie). I want to have a party under a tree!

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Great poem.

I think that two or three of the hobbit children are related to the director, Peter Jackson. They're his children or grandchildren or something. (The girl is so adorable!)

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I know! She has such beautiful brown eyes and curley hair. I like some of the Rohan children too. Brown eyes and blonde hair are a very nice (to put it mildly) combination. I want to have children like that. Actually my older brother was so cute when he was little, and he had blue eyes and blonde hair (he was also very skinny, it was very sad).

"....So we're all men of our word, really, except Elizabeth who is in fact a woman." Captain Jack Sparrow

Hobbits!!! Hurray!!!
and I finally ecided to have a go at the LOTR books again, but sadly I have to re-read the Fellowship becuase i sort of forget... and I remember where I stopped in Two Towers! Darn Flotsam and Jetsam chapter!!!

But I love Hobbits... :)

Love, Hannah W.

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Did you know, that I once got one of the Lord of the Rings books (I think it was the second one) read in one week? Well I was very impressed with myself.
Did you know that the guy who plays Saruman reads those books every year? I think he was the perfect person to play him, don't you? Perfect Aragorn too. But I don't like Orlando Bloom (I don't think that is how you spell his name), so I disaprove of Legolas, but Gimli was good. And Sam was great!

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This was very well written! Nice job!


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