Christmas Time

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 12/12/2007 - 12:44

I love Christmas time! Where on Christmas eve you ride to Grammy’s house in a Christmas dress or sweater and when you get there you see all of your family sitting on couches, and you cousins laying on the floor or running around playing and screaming and their parents tell them to be quiet!
The Christmas tree full of life and lights and decorations! And my favorite part is when you walk into the kitchen and rows of food are on the counter and the stove! And you have to wait but you think you can’t but everybody forces you to, but you know they want to just as bad. The presents all under the tree and Christmas decoration galore!
All of my cousin’s and I divided on the two front porch swings swinging high and singing Christmas songs and smiling and cheerful and just flat happy! My cousin, Katie, and I sliding in are Ugs on the concrete slab outside on the ice pretending we’re graceful ice skaters about to win a gold metal in the Olympics and make history! And everybody is happy!
After all, Christmas is the best time of year! And then you hug and thank your family and then you load up in the warm car and drive home knowing that when you get home and go to sleep, when you wake up it’s Christmas morning!
You run in to the living room and rip up your gifts like a mole trying to dig a hole. Santa has come!
This will be my family’s [mom, dad, and mine] 1st Christmas in the new house! Our tree is up and decorated and with only a few days ‘till Christmas it’s hard to imagine what your getting!
But we also forget the real meaning of Christmas with all the anticipation and stress! Jesus was born in Bethlehem! Only a little baby resting in a hay filled manger! On a Christmas night so long ago Jesus came to show the world that there was a loving God. King of all kings and lord of all lords! So this Christmas as you rip up your gifts and shop and battle the traffic think about who it’s for and think about that beautiful night when Jesus was born!

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We do have a lot of similarities! I like your user picture and I also liked the last one! Yet again, similarities! Oh and thanx for commenting on my post!

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YAH! Seriously you are beautiful!

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