Dreams Are Sometimes Reality

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Dreams Are Sometimes Reality
I woke up with a start, tears running down my face, choking down my sobs. I sat still and listened to the patter of the rain against the waterproof covering on the tent, and tried to calm myself. "It was just a dream," I kept saying to myself, over and over again, but I had this feeling deep down inside of me that it was a warning, or a prophecy of what would really happen to me someday.
I shivered and curled up even tighter in my sleeping bag. I wondered if the boys were getting soaked under the tree outside , until I heard muffled laughing, running feet, and a car door slam in the next campsite. I could hear Mom and Daddy snoring, and the soft breathing of Amanda and Judy. I was glad that my foolish crying hadn't woken them up. I shivered again, thinking about the dream. Why does it feel so real?
The dream in a few words was this: I became engaged to a godly young man, and right after our engagement he figured out that he had lung cancer, and only had five months to live. He tryed to let me out of the engagement but I wouldn't let him, so we got married. Several months later I was sitting next to his hospital bed and holding his hand when he was dying, and the last thing he said to me was "Laura, I love you so much. Never forget: 'a greater love hath no man...'" and then he drifted off with me holding his hand and crying, and then I woke up.
That was when I was fourteen years old.
The exact scenes that appeared in my dream were played out in reality, exept for the part where my husband dies; he actally had fallen asleep at that point.
My husband lived twenty-seven years after he had his bilateral lung transplant, and then he died in a car wreck. People wondered how I could go on with life still trusting and loving God after he took away my Jonathan, but I wondered how anyone could go on living without trusting God after losing a loved one. My own twenty-six year old son asked me if it wasn't hard to keep on trusting God. He wondered why God would work miracles in Jonathan's life and save him from lung cancer, only to take him in a car wreck years later. I said to him, "Son, we don't always understand why God does things the way He does, but that doesn't mean that He's doing it all wrong. The miracles that He did in your father's life were used to glorify Him, and show people that He has control over life and death." My son, Jonathan Russell, nodded in agreement and I continued, "Your father loved God, and served Him well. I think that God was ready to have your Daddy in heavan with Him. We just have to trust God, and understand that His plan is perfect."
I think that my son already knew all of that, but he needed to be reminded. I needed to be reminded, too.
I pondered over the fact that God had given me a dream about Jonathan when I was fourteen, long before I ever met my Jonathan.
Dreams can be reality, I thought to myself, But only if God chooses to reveal part of His plan for your future to you.
I know that God doesn't always do things the way we like it to be, but I know that I can trust Him.
He blessed me in so many ways, and I thank Him every day for the twenty-seven and a half years that He gave me with Jonathan.

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Thus is still pretty rough but I am hoping to add to it and then mesh this and my other two stories into one full novel. And that is a prayer request. :)


Hi! It was pretty clear to me when Jonathan dies, unless you edited this before I read it.
Some sentences are a bit sloppy, like this:
"The dream in a few words was this:"
" he actally had fallen asleep at that point"

These are a bit stiff, and don't go with the rest of the flow. It would have been all right if they were from a journal excerpt, but this is written like fiction. Anyway, you can get around to them when you edit! They just could have been written a bit smoother. :)

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I actually hadn't edited yet. I'm glad that it made sense 'cause when I read through it yesterday it made perfect sense to me, but then, I'm the author and I know what I'm trying to say. :) Thanks for pointing those two sentences out, I will definitely tweak those when edit. :)
Thanks again, Maddi!
God bless!

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-- I have mild dyslexia (funny for a writer) and my brain sometimes edits out words entirely, so I read this as, "IF YOU HAVEN'T EITHER GREATER LOVE OR A STRONG FAITH THEN DON'T READ THIS UNTIL YOU HAVE." And I thought, "Alright, then. That's a challenge. Let me get myself some greater love and strong faith." Tee-hee :D x

Oh Hahahahaha! Sorry, had to let myself in on the conversation...where is this greater love and stronger faith, exactly? Lol This just tickled me pink!

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh

I know, it tickled me too! Yeah I'm waiting to here back from her on where she finds it... LOL!!!!
Whoa, I just realized that I spelled "hear" "here". Whoooooooops!!!

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