Equal Justice

Submitted by Damaris Ann on Sat, 04/13/2019 - 17:10

We stand for justice
A thousand voices crying out
The night
Praying to God to lend sight
But even a thousand voices sound
Like a whisper
Echoing in the dark
Yet whispers are still spoken
And speech is heard
So just as one star
Penetrates the dark
Our shouted whispers will overtake
And the sun will break through
To consummate the day
Doing away with night
And for all

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On Monday the 8th I had the great honor of joining 320 people to testify on HB 896, a bill to abolish abortion in Texas. Jeff Leach, the chairman who preceded over the hearing, has refused to put our bill to a vote. So after spending a total of 20 hours at the Texas Capitol, we were disheartened (to say the least). BUT there is still time for Chairman Leach to change his mind, so that is what we are praying for/working towards. This poem is my way of remembering that there is hope. God is able! And the people are many and willing. So we’re not giving up. :)


This is beautiful, Damaris, and you are right; there is always hope. No matter how hard evil tries to drown us out, our God is stronger than anything we face and he is working for good right now.
I'm keeping you, the chairman, and this situation in my prayers.

“You are doing something great with your life—when you are doing all the small things with His great love.” - Ann Voskamp