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Raindrops, falling. Like my tears. This is so like those sad scenes in the movies. Thunder rolls, trees bend and sway. Lightening dances across the ground up ahead. Chaotic and hazed, the air is full of foreign objects whirling around. I shudder as I watch the hail and debris tear through glass windows, shattering, like my heart.
This isn't sadness, it's insanity. My mind is in turmoil. I clench my fists and clench my jaw, hard. I want to reach above the storm with my screams of anger, fear, and hurt. I hold it back, knowing how useless it would be. I give up, and let it go.
I am frightened by my own tragic wail. But I wail again, louder. I feel my throat tear. I scream at a higher pitch and choke over the pain it causes.
The question itself hurts. It hurts because I don't have an answer. I scream again.
And then,
"I hate you!"
Instead of relieving the hurt it deepens my scar. I am lost forever in this storm. The turmoil increases and I lay down, as I suppose, to die. It is finished.
But wait! The storm is abated! I cannot believe it. But I am covered in debris; cut and bruised. There is no hope. I am lost.
And then I feel Someone touch my face. I open my eyes, and see Help looking back at me. He reaches out His hand and clears away the rubble that is built up around me. In doing so He takes away my fear. I see the scars on His hands. He pushed through the fierce storm to save me. He was scarred, broken and bruised for me. For me.
He binds my wounds, washes the stains from off of me, and then points me towards my Home. I look back and see Him there, panting, I hear Him whisper.
"It is finished."
All is quiet now. There is peace after the storm.

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I creatively challenged myself and this is what happened. It started out as me trying to paint a vivid picture with my words, and ended with me painting an imperfect allegory. Let's see if y'all can tell what I tried to symbolize. :)


This is really beautiful. Is it an allegory of salvation?

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