The Plataue (sequel to "The Valley")

Submitted by Damaris Ann on Wed, 11/11/2015 - 00:33

I stand on the plateau and look down. On the left hand I see the twisted and mangled bodies of those who fell. Poor souls. They trusted in their own strength. On the right hand I see those who continue to climb. Some occasionally slip back and some fall even as far as the deepest part of the valley, but all lift holy hands to the heavens in a petition for grace before pressing forward. I have made it across the Jordan River and now I am at the home gates. God is good. God is faithful. I do not deserve to be in this place. I can reach out and touch the Light of heaven from where I stand. Truth and Charity are at my side, and now we press on together. Amen.

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I was reading over some of my old posts and I came across "The Valley" and I had this thought about what the Plataue would look like, or rather, what standing up there would look like. After being at a conference on the Holiness of God I had plenty of inspiration but I wanted to keep it short. So here it is. :) I hope you enjoyed it.


Damaris Ann I love this! I can imagine it all and understand it in a crystal clear way, thanks for posting this. I hadn't read the valley until I saw this and so I went back and read the valley then the plataue, both are beautiful!
Have a wonderful day :)

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