Rachel's Inspirations

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And here's the first piece that I wrote!

As she ran down the hall, young Rachel Pan yelled over her shoulder to her sister and yelled, "It isn't fair!"
She ran into her bedroom and slammed the door behind her, grumbling, "I never get to go to Jessica's parties! It isn't fair. Life just isn't fair!"
And then a minute or two later, "Hey..... That's a good idea!"
Rachel grabbed a notebook that had the title "Rachel's Inspirations" scrawled on the front off of her bedside table, and started to write. After an hour or two of writing and editing she wrote a title at the top of her finished page, and the title read "Just Smile, Life Isn't Fair"
About four years later Rachel made her debut as a Christian/Country singer, and her hit album was titled "You Might As Well Just Smile; Life Isn't Fair" and it featured the song that she had written nearly four years before.

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It's always fun to look through old writings :)
Where did you get the last name "Pan" from? Where you a big fan of Peter Pan? I know I still am, haha!

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Actually I'm not sure where "Pan" came from, I guess because I decided first that her "artist name" would be Chapman and I wanted it to be a changed name. Pan is an odd last name. :) I actually haven't seen Peter Pan, well, I've seen about half of it. I do want to see it. :)
Thanks so much for your comment!

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