The Eight Pages (Slender, part 3)

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John Casey was getting back home after a short walk around the neighborhood. As he walked into the house, he found it strange that the lights were out. He flicked the switch on the wall to turn on the chandelier in the living room. Nothing. He went around, feeling his way down the hallway, flicking switches to no avail.

"Mary? Where are you?" he yelled.

No answer.

He called for Nora.

No answer.

By this point Mr. Casey was beginning to worry. He remembered of how he felt when he heard that his brother was missing. He couldn't let his family down.

Finally, he had made it to the kitchen. As he entered, his foot hit something hard that rattled on the tile floor. Mr. Casey howled in pain. He went down on all four in order to try and find the object that hit his foot. It had rolled to the other side of the kitchen, and when he found it, he noticed it was Nora's softball bat. Instantly, Mr. Casey knew what was going on. As he stood up, he looked out the kitchen window.

There was someone looking in from the outside.

Nora was now running blindly through the forest. There were some hidden landmarks to guide your way through it in the day, and in the dark, cloudy night, it was even harder to find a way out. Nora did not know where she was running, or even why. Suddenly, she hit her foot on a root from one of the larger trees. Nora came down to the ground, hard. She screamed as she felt and heard her shoulder crack. She slowly turned around so that her back was on the ground as she cradled her shoulder. Nora started sobbing. Her phone had fallen from her hand and had been crushed by her falling body. Why didn't she just leave when she still could? Now she was in the forest, alone, cold, and with excruciating pain in her shoulder. She turned her head towards the dense tree growth to her right. In the between the maze of trees, she saw a flash of light, then, just as quickly as it had appeared, it was gone.

She gasped, straining her eyes to see if it was really a light or just her eyes playing tricks on her.

There it was again! No doubt, something or someone was producing or reflecting light in her direction. Nora now had a choice to make. She could either stay where she was, hoping that she could make it until morning or until someone found her, or she could go towards the light and hope for the best.

She decided the latter.


Mr. Casey had never reacted as quickly as he had at the moment he saw the person looking in through his kitchen window. In the blink of an eye, Mr. Casey switched his grip on the bat that he was still holding and threw it as hard as he possibly could through the window. It crashed through the glass as the person on the other side tried to jump away, but the bat made contact with the person's stomach. Mr. Casey heard a grunt as the person slumped to the ground.

Mr. Casey quickly grabbed a flashlight from the drawer that was in front of him and ran outside. He shined the light into the person's face. Instantly, he recognized Stephen Dacrae, Nora's best friend. Stephen coughed violently as he tried to get up.

"What are you doing here Stephen?" asked Mr. Casey, loudly, then, as if noticing what he'd done, he asked: "Are you okay?"

Stephen had finally gotten on his feet and dusted himself off, and ignoring the middle aged man's question, he said hurriedly:

"You need to come with me. Nora and i were in the forest exploring a scream we had heard when we got separated in the dark. I ran here as fast as I could for help."

Mr. Casey said nothing, but instead ran towards the direction of the forest.

Stephen ran after him.

Nora was once again stumbling through the trees, clutching her shoulder as she went, always keeping the flashes of light in her sight. She placed her hand against a tree to rest before she went on. As she did, she felt paper.

"What is this?" she said as she shone her tiny flashlight on it.

It was another page. This time, it had no picture. All it had were two words crudely drawn in pencil onto the paper. The words were enough to get Nora's heart racing once more, until she could hear it in her ears.

"Can't run."

She dropped the paper, gasping for air, as she hit another tree behind her. She screamed from the pain it caused her shoulder, and slid her back down the tree until she was sitting at its base, with her arms around her knees.

Nora looked up, and she saw that something was fluttering in the breeze, until it disappeared into the darkness. She got back on her feet and ran towards the direction it went. She soon came up on another park bulletin board. Nothing was on it. But then, all of a sudden, the object that was fluttering in the wind which she was following stopped against the bulletin. She noticed it was another paper. Afraid to look at what it said, she grabbed it, crumpled it into a ball, and ran in a random direction again. After a minute of running in this form, she stopped and sat down. She shone her flashlight onto the paper, but before she could look, she heard a twig snap. She looked behind her in the direction of the sound, terrified, but could see nothing. As she turned back to the paper, the leaves from the shrubbery to her left rustled loudly. She looked, now scared more than she had ever been in her life, but saw nothing. Still looking in the direction of the sound, she brought up the paper and her flashlight to her face, and read what was on it. In the same scrawled penmanship as before, the paper read:


As soon as she read those words, she heard something rattling to the ground to her right. As she slowly and trembling reached towards it, she threw the paper away. She grabbed the object, and noticed it was her phone, and the screen was cracked and showed nothing but a white background.

Instantly, words appeared on her phone, changing rapidly. It was the same style that she saw on the last three papers.

One image had the same tall and faceless figure next to some pine trees, and scrawled next to him were the words "FOLLOWS".

Then the image switched and showed the same figure amid various trees. The figure looked menacing, almost evil.

Then the image switched once more, showing the figure surrounded by the word "NO".

Again the image switched, showing now just the same type of words, which now said "LEAVE ME ALONE".

The image then changed and froze. The screen was showing static again, making it hard to read, but there was no doubt as to the message on her phone, written in the same penmanship as all the other images and pages.


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Haven't posted in forever, so I thought: "why not continue the most terrifying thing I've ever written?" So here it is! The Eight Pages, slender fans will get the reference. Funny story, as I was writing this, I had my music on shuffle in the background. As soon as i got to the page that said "can't run", the current song ended and switched... to the slender soundtrack. Yeah, that was creepy.


You're doing a great job with this! It really leaves you hanging. I look forward to your next chapter.

By the way, have you ever seen the TV series Chuck, in which there is a character named Major John Casey? : )

Okay, I usually don't read horror, but please tell me you're still writing this. I know I'm commenting like two years too late but still. I like this. My heart is pounding right now.
Anyway, yeah, I'm new and I'm reading all these old stories, so please bear with me.
And I love John Casey from Chuck ;)

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