The funny thing about Stereotypes

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Disclaimer: no disrespect is meant at all in the mentioning of stereotypes, just take it as a joke, because it is.

The funny thing about stereotypes, is that people tend to fill them out. What do I mean? Well, for example, I'm Mexican. Some of the more common stereotypes towards Mexicans are jumping the fence, landscaping, and drug trafficking. While I don't bring drugs from Mexico, and I can't jump over a coffee table (much less a fence), I do mow lawns. I also tend to be loud, and a little bit more warmhearted than the whiter (ahem) people I know. I might have just met you, but I'll give you a big hug to say goodbye, and probably give you two giant Tupperwares of leftovers from the party we just met at (which your other Hispanic friend brought you to, who is my second cousin's uncle), because that's what we Mexicans do.

If you were interested in the drugs however, I might have connections.

Don't get the humor in this? You need more Hispanic friends.

Of course, the stereotypes for African Americans are twice as large in number as the stereotypes for my "compadres" (Viva Mexico!). Fried chicken, more drugs, and saggy pants are the more popular ones. It's hard to get your food at the KFC when when La'Shonda and her husband J.T. brought their entire extended family to gorge on half of the chicken there. La'Shonda's two teenage boys might have their pants down to their ankles, sporting bling, and driving a white BMW with gold rims. She'll also have twin girls, with their hair containing about a Dollar Tree's worth of beads, which makes you wonder how strong their necks are to hold all that weight. In the midst of the cousins, aunts, and uncles, your eyes fall on Grandpa Cutler, who reminds you of the poor man's version of Morgan Freeman, except with twice the wisdom. His white hair makes for a sharp contrast against his dark skin, and his brown eyes tell of many years of experience and tales that start with "When I was a boy"...

If you're still interested in the drugs, you could ask J.T.'s second cousin Miami if he is still distributing.

The hardest, but funniest, people to stereotype, are generic Caucasian people. The reason that it is hard is because they tend to be so varied. You have your conservative homeschool family, with 56 kids and names like "Isaiah", "Job", "Sarah", "Benjamin", and other Biblical names (Not "Jesus" however, because unlike in Mexico, where there are thousands of Jesuses, there is only one white Jesus with blue eyes and blond hair, who exists solely in Renaissance paintings). Then you have your very far right republican rednecks. These guys are known because they come into the city a few times a year (in their massive, air polluting pickup trucks), and when they do they go to only one place, which is known as Cabela's. Then you have your far left democrat young adults, whom (if you fit into one of the above stereotypes) you'll only talk to when you go to Macdonald's, and only then to ask for large fries. Finally, you have your 'Mericans. These gigantic monsters of human squeeze into their powered wheelchairs, and can often be found in packs going at high speeds through Wal-Mart aisles or at places that offer meals that weigh in over a pound. 'Mericans like everything big, from their aforementioned food, to their TV's, to their guns, to themselves.

Sure, there's others (hipsters, hippies, preppies, fitness nuts, and so on), but these really are the funniest ones, and the ones found in greater profusion.

If you're still interested in the drugs, first of all, shame on you, and second of all, you're out of luck, because the sea of white consumed it all.

In conclusion, while you might hate stereotypes, they're usually funny, and people tend to live up to their respective group's stereotypes. The best thing of all though, is that God loves all people, regardless of their stereotypes, and He is willing to bring them to him, so long as they accept His salvation through Jesus, and repent of their sins.

Be awesome guys, and best of luck living up to your (good) stereotypes.

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Hey guys! I haven't been on here in forever, and I really just felt like posting something, so here is a short, humorous story I whipped up in an hour or so. I hate myself for writing a bunch of "chapter 1s" and not finishing the stories, but that's just me, getting bored with long books. I think I'm going to stick with the poetry and short stories, although I have a nonfiction book in the making that I want to share with all of you once it's finished. Happy new year!


"I also tend to be...a little bit more warmhearted than the whiter (ahem) people I know." - Hey! are you saying somethin' about me? :P

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I wonder what stereotype I fit into??? LOL! This was well written and hilarious! Though this should be more offensive to me then it really is, hahaha! So what do you call a white person who hugs everyone, is skinny, is a republican but lives in the city, and is homeschooled but none of my siblings are called biblical names? :P crazy maybe? Haha!

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Hahaha! This made me laugh. Like Homey said, although it was meant to be a comedic piece, it was well written as well. :D

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Lol I read this a long time ago but must have forgotten to comment. This is so funny!!!

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