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Submitted by E on Fri, 09/22/2017 - 02:59

1. summer

I didn’t expect my first
slice of independence to mean
a futon bed & eating peanut butter and jelly

who didn’t teach me to make chicken?

I didn’t expect to become
a grandma overnight
everyone is ready to party and
my bedtime is 11pm

I like it
my cozy little
3-windowed bedroom
I have adjusted to
my rock hard futon
and I may still
have not unpacked
but I am good
where I am

2. committed

not sure why I
never let anyone
love me
because it is so
warm and
and my
stomach has settled

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A couple of oldish pieces! One of my poems got published in my school's literary magazine, so that is exciting :) I credit that largely to AP, so I wanted to let y'all know!


These are awesome. :D And a million congratulations on getting published!!!

I especially love the first one . . . not quite there yet but good heavens it's so true lol. And I feel ya on the grandma thing - my bedtime's close to 10 most nights. I can't handle pulling an all-nighter before finals. I just can't. :P

Nice to see a post from you! And again, I'm so excited for you! Is there any way for the AP community to read your published works?

I love these! 2 is so sweet and simple. It's my new favorite of yours. :)

And yes, futons are definitely rock hard. I slept on one for a few years.

I don’t thrive off of chaos: chaos thrives off of me.

WHICH POEM? OH WOW THAT IS SO, SO EXCITING, ERIN!!!! (sorry, end caps) This is when I wish our community actually lived next door so we could at least buy you a cake. Maybe pop champagne. So so happy for you!

Also, WOW, these are gorgeous. I actually thought "summer" ended at the first stanza for some reason, and then I thought it ended at "chicken", and I loved how miniature it was... so maybe you could play with the idea of chopping it to suit my poor reading? (or poor scrolling) Haha. But no, the entire thing was great, too. And ALKSDJF;LAJSDF the second poem!! I FELT it in my belly. And I WANT to feel that, too. It is amazing how you capture a sentiment in a minimal amount of words. You have always been so good at that. To write something that is short AND satisfying is amazing!!

I also slept on a futon in my first apartment for two years, and I ate almost an entire jar of peanut butter the first night....just because I was scared and wanted to stay awake hahaha

My apologies, I totally forgot to reply to these comments, despite the fact that they brought a big smile to my face when I read them! Unfortunately, it was only a print publication (which I personally think is even cooler, since print is a bit of a dying medium), so there isn't a way for you all to access it! You may have read some earlier drafts that I posted on here, however. I'm not sure! I really appreciate all of your kind comments!

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