Narnia Parody, pt. 7

Submitted by Emma Katherine on Tue, 05/29/2012 - 17:09

Part 7
Jad-Let's talk and see if we can work something out.
Aslan-Ok. *moments later* I got it! You can have Oreos the centaur!
Jad-Seriously? he's just right. Everyone will love him!
Aslan-Orios!! *Orios comes in and bows* Orios, I want you to go with Jadis, she has something for you.
Orios and Jadis walk away.
Orios-Is it a box of twinkies?
Or-Ummm...Chocolate rabbit?
Or-A raise?
Or-What is it? I can't stand the suspense!!
Jad-Alright. We are going to my factory. You will find a good home I am sure.
As the truth sinks into orios, Jadis quickly waves her wand, puts him in her snack sleigh and rides around while the dwarf yells
Dwarf-Chocolate centaur! Reasonably priced! Great tasting too!
Back at Aslans Epic Snacks 'n' Sweets. Aslan is looking at the different kinds of chocolate while the siblings look over his shoulder.
Aslan-A chocolate cherry might do if it was big enough, but maybe a strawberry would do better.
Pete-How about one of those Firey Hot Hard Candy Balls?
Aslan- That could be taken into consideration. Let's see, flaming hot candy catapult. Sounds good. Orios! Oh yeah, I gave him away. ummm....Griffon leader!
Griffon leader comes up.
Aslan-Griffon leader, I want you to prepare the catapults to be on the battlefield with Firey Hot Hard Candy Balls.
GL-Got it! *He takes off*
At White Witches Wonderful Twinkies.
Jad-Maugrum! I want you to arm the chefs with bow and arrows and I want the airhead candy to be the tip. Got it?
Maug-Got it.
Next day on the battlefield.
Aslan-*Calling across field to Jadis* It doesn't have to happen this way! No one needs to get hurt!
Jad- Mwahahah! I will be the lead snack company! Ready Archers! Aim! Fire!
Aslan-Fire the catapults!
A volley of Firey Hot Hard Candy balls land in the witches army.
Ed-I dream of Jeannie with the light brown hair. Lalalaaalalalal*Ending with a croak as he falls to the ground.
Pete-Aslan! Ed's been hit with an airhead arrow!
Aslan-Well he'll have to wait because the doctors are busy enough as it is.
The battle proceeds for some time. Suddenly an airhead arrow hits aslan, he falls over.
Peter is in single combat with Jadis while her chefs are beating blankets on the fire caused by the Firey Hot Hard Candy Balls.
Jad-Hah! I will get you yet! *She knocks him down.*
Pete-ASLAN!!! Help!! I'm too young to die! I haven't even finished the call of duty 3 single player yet!
Jad-*Looks up and sees Aslan pull airhead arrow out of self and start running at her*Immposible!!! AAAAEEEEEHHHHHH

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