What happens when Rudolph gets sick

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It was a cold Christmas Eve that brought Santa to a standstill in the middle of Texas. Rudolph had a bad cold and though his nose glowed brighter with each sneeze, he chose to remain home. So Santa was on his own this foggy wintry night, and he had no idea where he was. The snow crystals were dancing about and sticking in his snow white beard. He came to a stop at a brick house to let the reindeer rest and to get his bearings.
"It would be super embarrassing to have to go to a convenience store to get directions," he said, pulling out a map. "After all, I'm Santa! I should be able to do this in my sleep!" He finally gave up and tossed the map into his bag.
"Well, I'm going to go down the chimney and warm up. I'll go ahead and deliver the gifts since I'm here."
So down the chimney he went and there he warmed himself and watched the snow melt from his beard and drip in a puddle at his feet. Then, when he was quite warmed, he went to the stocking and proceeded to fill them.
"This seems so familiar to me. I feel sure I've been here before!" He sighed and filled the empty stockings with candy and toys then he spied the map on the coffee table. He hurried to it and there marked plain as day were directions with "next delivery" scrawled next to them in a childish looking print. Delighted, he went back up the chimney and followed the directions. Shortly he landed on the roof of a brick house. Down the chimney he went, and he filled the empty stockings. He frowned deeply.
"I can't see why this seems like I've done it before!" He said. It was to his pleasure that he saw that this family had been considerate enough to leave directions to his next stop as well. So up the chimney he went.
Meanwhile, back in the brick house, a little boy and his sister scurried down the stairs and emptied their stockings of the toys and candy and carried them up to their room. Then, dashing back down they refilled the glass with milk and replenished the cookies on the plate, making sure to put the map in sight, then they hid at the top of the stairs for old Saint Nick to make another visit.

Thanks to Laura for editing this. Though she said it needed none :D Faith gave me the idea for this story because she was talking about us being lost in chinese palace and gigantic. Then she told us that Santa and pa and I were lost in Texas, so I decided to write a story about it. Laura told me there's a song called Santa got lost in Texas, so I changed the name.

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I love this!! :D I immediately thought of the song "Santa got lost in Texas"...and wondered if it had inspired you to write a story. Too funny! <3 you xoxo

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