Into the Wild West--Chapter 1

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This is a story written by my ten year old sister Felicity :)
More later :D

This was written as Lord of the Rings fanfiction, because of the song 'Into the west'

Into The Wild West

By: Felicity Andrews

Chapter 1
Frodo and Sam were struggling on to mordor (Especially Frodo), and Sam was just about ready to give him a piggy back ride, when up ahead of them, they saw a town.
Sam was the one who saw it first.
“Cool,” he said. “Maybe we can bring Frodo some place and let him sleep for a few decades.”
Sticking Frodo on his back he went as fast as his legs could carry him.

Entering into the town he saw lots of 'Big People' in funny hats.
One guy spotted them, and mistook them for children.
“Orphans? Hank? You think they're orphans?”
“Yeah, prob'ly. No mommy and daddy, poor little tykes. Well, maybe 'Lizbeth can take 'em.”
“Well Jim, 'Lizbeth is your wife and you got kids, I want 'em.”
“Well, we gotta give 'em a chance to get used to this place—Look I think the big brother is carryin' his little brother.”

“Howdy pardners!” Jim said as they drew near.
Sam hadn't noticed them, and so the voice startled him. “whoah!”
Stumbling with Frodo he looked up, and saw Hank and Jim bending over them.
“Them's kids alright!”
“Yeah shouldn't be too soft on 'em though.”
“Yeah well Jim you can bring 'em to 'Lizbeth, they need a place to stay anyway.”
Sam opened an eye.
“We aren't kids! Can't you see?”
“Hahahaha!” The two men shook with laughter. “Come on Hank, let's bring 'em to 'Lizbeth. They don't look too well. 'Specially the younger one.”
Frodo was half asleep, and he was obviously thinking Sam was still carrying him.
“Sam?” He whispered. “Sam?”
“I'm over here Mr. Frodo, wherever over here is. Somebody is carrying us.”
A few minutes later they heard a door open, and a girl ran out the door.
“PAPA! PAPA! Who ya brung?”
“I got a coupl'a boys. Prob'ly 'bout 13 or 14, somethin' like that.”
Then they heard a woman's voice above the noise of all the other kids.
“Jim? Who are them kids ya got with ya?”
“I don't rightly know 'Lizbeth. They haven't given no names yet.”
“Well, bring 'em on in, we'll see what we can do for 'em!”
Frodo and Sam were placed on soft cushiony beds, and 'Lizbeth went to warm up some tea.
“They're too young fer coffee, 'Lizbeth.” Jim said.
“Much too young fer beer.” Hank pointed out.
So 'Lizbeth had gone to get them some tea.
The younger kids crowded around Sam's bed, and would have done the same to Frodo but he was asleep.

They showered poor Sam with questions:
“What's yer name?”

“How old are ya?”

“Where ya from?”

“Who is yer daddy?”

“Are you an orphan?”

“Do you have any brothers?”

“Do you have any sisters?”

“Who's yer mommy?”

“Do you go to school?”

“Are you a cowboy?”

Finally 'Lizbeth shooed them outside, and Sam fell asleep.

Author's age when written


Awww how cute! She's quite a little writer :) <3

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