Into the Wild West--Chapters 4, 5, and 6

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More of Felicity's story :D

Chapter 4
The Sheriff
Frodo and Sam walked in and stopped at the sheriff's desk.

“Well hello kids, what can I do fer ya?”

“Well for one, you can stop calling us kids, 'cause we're not,” Frodo began.

“And....?” asked the sheriff.

“And for another,you can tell us what that guy in the room with a metal door is doing.”

“well,y'all are kids, so no, I wont stop that, but that guy 'in the room with metal doors', as you put it,was caught pick pocketing and was put in jail.”

Frodo slammed his fist down on the desk. “WE. ARE. NOT. KIDS. AND. I. WILL. GET. YOU. BACK. IF. YOU. CALL. US. CHILDREN. AGAIN.” He said each word loud and slow to emphasize.

The sheriff reached across his desk with a smile, and tousled Frodo's hair. “Okay, men, run along now, you don't wanna hang 'round me, now do ya?”

Frodo stormed out, but Sam stayed behind a minute. “Sorry, Shiriff, he's just been shot yesterday so he's still not too thrilled.” Tipping his hat, Sam left the office.

Chapter five
Frodo the Brainless

“Sam, please,” Frodo begged for the trillionth time.

“No, Mr. Frodo, no!”
Frodo wanted to go back to the saloon like an idiot, but Sam would have none of it. “Sam please, I wanna go!”

“NOOOOO!!!!” Sam yelled at the top of his lungs.

Annie ran up the stairs and knocked on the door. “Mr. Gamgee, mama wants to know what all the yellin's fer, and she said if y'all yell anymore, y'all have to go outside.”

“Okay, just tell her it's nothing,” said Sam.

“Liar,” Annie muttered under her breath.

Sam caught it and pulled her into the room. Looking her in the face, he said, “we ain't lying, Annie. We just don't want your ma worried.”

“Hmph,” Annie sniffed. Annie was fourteen years old. She was usually very arrogant and she annoyed Sam to death, (and she loved arguing).
Frodo liked her, though. If he was mad at Sam, he would get her to argue with him over something small. Right now, he was mad at Sam, so following her down the stairs, he snapped his fingers and whistled. That had become their secret signal. If Frodo didn't want Sam to know that he was whispering to Annie, he snapped his fingers and whistled. Annie tip-toed over to him. “What?” she asked.

“Go tell Sam he doesn't get supper 'cause he yelled at Mr. Frodo.”

“Alright.” Annie walked back to the bedroom. “Mr. Gamgee, mama said you have to miss supper 'cause you yelled at poor Mr. Baggins.”

Sam, knowing she wanted to argue, ignored her and continued to read the newspaper.

“I know yer hungry, and mama says it's only fair you miss yer supper,” Annie said.

“But it's his fault, he wants to do stupid stuff just after he's been shot.”

“Well you should do whatever he wants, 'cause he just got shot.”

“ANNIE, STOP IT NOW!” Sam yelled.

'Lizabeth came upstairs to see what was going on. “Annie? What's goin' on up here?”

“Annie said I have to miss supper,she said you told her to say that,and I'm hungry, 'cause I've been helpin' Mr. Jim all day on the farm”

“Annie,did u tell him that?”
Frodo burst into the room. “I TOLD HER TO”

'Lisbeth looked at Frodo,so did Sam.

“and young man,are u telling me you've been encouraging my daughter to pick arguments with guests?”

Frodo flushed and fidgeted with his fingers, “yes ma'am.”

“alright then,you two may not speak to each other for a week” and then she left.
“BRATT” Frodo yelled,and stormed out of the room.
Annie went downstairs to help with supper.

“real great” Sam muttered “now I've got two of them against me”
Frodo spent the rest of the night thinking about how he could get back at Sam.

chapter 6
The second bar fight
Frodo was going to the saloon again,like a freak,and he was practically dragging poor Sam along with him.

“NO,I DONT WANNA GO!”Sam kept saying,but Frodo pulled him along anyway.

Soon,they arrived at the saloon,and Frodo went inside,but Sam stayed with the horses.

Frodo joined a group of guys that showed him how to play there games,but one of the guys was cheating in all the games they played,and everyone was mad,mad because they were losing.

Sam just stood outside by the horses patting them, or rubbing there necks.
But after a couple of minutes,he heard a chair being kicked over and Frodo's voice saying, “u cheated,u low down dirty rotten son of a gun”

“are u callin' me a liar? Well take this!”
Sam heard someone punching someone,he heard Frodo's voice, “OWCH!”
and he heard bottles breaking and chairs being thrown around.
Chairs crashed through window,mugs of beer broke,and tables were knocked over.
Finally,Sam went over to the doors to make sure he was O.K.
Peeking over the doors,he saw Frodo and another guy exchanging punches.
Frodo had a bloody lip,and a bloody nose,and a black eye,but so did the other guy.
Then they stopped punching,and broke every bottle in sight over each others head,they were surrounded by guys yelling loudly.

Then,just as he feared,the other guy said to Frodo, “hey kid,lets go outside and do this”
Sam knew what that meant,they were gonna have a gunfight,AGAIN!
Frodo was gonna get shot,and Sam would have to mess up his shirt again,and they would have to sit in the doctors office for several days,doing nothing.

A few seconds later,a crowd appeared,with Frodo and the other guy at the lead, picking their spots. They put their hands on their guns. Sam, as before, covered his eyes. He heard gunshots, and uncovering an eye, he peeked out. “Whaaaaa--??” The other guy was on the ground, and Frodo was walking over to the horses, looking rather proud of himself.

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