Into the Wild West--Chapters 7, 8, 9, and 10

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This is the last of the story. Enjoy!

Chapter seven

Sam woke up at probably about 1:00 A.M to the sound of horses galloping.
Tiptoeing to the window, he looked out and saw a band of men riding towards town.
Sam had heard stories of Indians, so naturally, his first thought was,“INDIANS!”
Frodo was at the saloon, town was 20 miles away, and Frodo went every Monday and stayed all night after the farm work had been done. The Indians were galloping towards town; he had to warn Frodo before they got there.Throwing his clothes on, he rushed out to the barn and mounted his horse. Spurring on Galadriel (his horse), he took the shortest way to town, 20 miles. The Indians had 22 miles, but they had a head start.

Reaching the saloon, Sam tied his horse to a post and rushed. “MR. FRODO! MR. FRODO! THERE'S INDIANS HEADING THIS WAY!”

Everyone in the saloon roared with laughter.
“I'm serious, Mr. Frodo. Come on!”

Frodo giggled. “I've always wanted to hiccup see Indians. Hiccup. Oh, he's a jolly good HICCUP!”

Sam groaned. No one was sober, and Indians were coming, and he had to get Frodo back to the house. So, walking over to him, he picked him up and threw him over his shoulder. Walking outside, he helped Frodo onto the horse, jumped up behind him, and rode off.

Chapter 8
The Battle of the Three Armies

Before long, the whole town knew that Indians were coming, and they had set up barricades. The men had their guns cleaned and loaded. Frodo and Sam were with them, and pretty soon, they heard horses. Soon, a band of Indians were coming into view. Soon, men were shooting, and soon, everything happened at once. A lot of soons happened. “The rifles are ready,” Sam thought. Men were handing out guns. They handed one to Frodo and it pulled him down to the ground.
Hank rolled his eyes. “Doesn't he have any muscles?” He handed one to Sam, who lifted it quite easily.

Frodo had his six-shooters, because he wasn't able to hold a rifle. Sam wondered why he couldn't hold it. Then he realized: “The RING!” he thought to himself. Then, from far away he heard music, music that sounded familiar. It drew nearer, then he heard hooves pounding, then nine horses came into view. Black horses, with black-hooded and cloaked riders. Sam looked at Frodo, his face was white as a sheet of paper, his eyes were big, and he was trembling all over. Everyone, even the Indians, were staring at the riders.

“Who are they?” Hank asked, when he saw Frodo's and Sam's faces. Then Sam heard the music louder—Nazgul music. The music he had heard on Weathertop.
They were at the barricades now, they had dismounted and were sniffing. Sam came up to one of them and did just what he had done on Weathertop. “STAND BACK, YOU DEVIL!” He fought sword to sword with it. Everyone was shooting at them now. Four of them were walking toward Frodo, and the music got louder. Throwing himself on the ground, he opened his pocket and drew out the Ring. He was screaming. Finally, he put the Ring on and vanished completely. Sam yelled the cowboys and Indians stopped shooting at the Nazgul, and started at the place where Frodo had been only seconds before. Then they heard a gunshot. Frodo was shooting at the Nazgul.

Chapter Nine
Wagon Train

Then Sam remembered the Phial of Galadriel, which he had been holding for Frodo, and now, he sure could use it. Reaching into his pocket, Sam pulled the Phial out. Even in the bright morning sun, it shined brightly. Thrusting it forward, he rushed at the Nazgul, and yelled at them to get back. The Nazgul were so scared of it, that they ran off, leaving the horses (which raced after them). The Nazgul left Sam and the others laughing at the ridiculous sight, robes flyingm hands their hoods so they wouldn't fly off. Then Sam remembered Frodo. “Mr. Frodo, Mr. Frodo, they're gone. Where are you?”
No reply. “Mr. Frodo?” Still no reply. Sam groaned. “Who knows where he is? He could be in Gondor by now!”

“Gondor? What's that?” asked Joe. Despite how mean Joe could be, he was useful when it came to fighting.

“Uhhhh, just a place,” Sam replied.

Everyone was on their hands and knees looking for Frodo, except for Sam. He had thrown himself down onto a wheel that had been used as a barricade, to think.

Frodo had sneaked back to Lizabeth's house on foot, so when he arrived, he flopped down on the ground by the door, panting for breath.

'Lizabeth walked out of the house with Larry (the baby) to get some water. She didn't see Frodo, because he was still had the Ring on, and tripped over him with Larry.

Frodo groaned. Larry was on top of him screaming, and 'Lizabeth was on the ground by him.

“Hope she didn't break no bones,” said Frodo, who had finally started talking like a true cowboy.
Taking the Ring off, he picked Larry up, set him on the ground, and looked at 'Lizabeth.
“Hello Frodo, can you help me up?” she smiled. “I tripped over somethin' invisible.” She smiled again.

“Sure 'nough, ma'am.” Taking her hand, Frodo helped her into a sitting position, picked her up, and set her on her feet.
“Thankee kindly, Frodo,” 'Lizabeth said gratefully.

Frodo tipped his hat, and 'Lizabeth picked up the still screaming baby, and led Frodo to the sofa. “Frodo, I've been meaning to ask, are you and Frodo planning on staying here?”

Stay here? Stay here? The Quest! They had forgotten all about the Quest, and they had been there for nearly two months! Frodo made up his mind right then and there. They could not stay. “No, ma'am, we can't stay here, ya see, we've got stuff to do that we plum forgot about. We'll leave soon I'm sure, though.”

'Lizabeth sighed. She had hoped they wouldn't leave. She liked them, like brothers. “Well, Frodo, there is a way to get out of here quick. We're not gonna have a stage coach in 'til December, and that's two months, but in a coupla days, there's a wagon train comin' through here that's goin' further west.”

“Much obliged, ma'am. We'll be thinkin' 'bout it,” Frodo said.

Chapter ten
Not Going!

Frodo did think hard; he though so hard that he barely had time to eat his meals, to help Jim plow the fields, to go to the saloon on Monday evening, and barely had time to sleep.

Then one night, Frodo was sitting at his desk thinking, when Sam came up behind him. “Well, Mr. Frodo, what do you think, are we gonna go further and further west like idiots, or are we gonna take the Ring east?”

“Sam we're not gonna go on the wagon train. You're right, we have to fulfill the quest or die trying,” Frodo said.

Sam threw his arms around Frodo's neck, then ran out of the room blushing. “Oops, wasn't supposed to give him a hug!”

'Lizabeth was helping them get their stuff together when she came upon a little gold ring on a chain. “Purty,” she said. “Is he married? Naw, Frodo ain't married.

Frodo came into the room and saw the chain with the Ring, dangling from her finger. With a cry, he leapt forward. “'LIZABETH WHY DO YOU HAVE THAT?! GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!!” Jerking it roughly out of her hands, he ran out to the barn and climbed up into the loft, and flopped down breathlessly.

A few minutes later, he heard Sam's voice. “Mr. Frodo? Mr. Frodo, please come out of your hiding place.” Sam climbed up the loft.
Frodo sat up with bits of hay clinging to his hair. “She had the Ring, Sam!”

“Mr. Frodo, you scared her half to death! I came in and she was white and shaking all over! You're so mean!”

“Uhhhh, well I didn't mean to, but she would've taken it and kept it, Sam, forever!”
“Come on, Mr. Frodo, we need to finish saying goodbye.”

“I don't wanna say goodbye, Sam.”

“Fluff! Come on.” Frodo followed Sam down, and they went into the house.
“Now say you're sorry to 'Lizabeth for scaring her,” Sam ordered Frodo in a whisper.

“Sorry,” Frodo muttered, and went back outside.

Sam rolled his eyes and said to her, “Mrs. 'Lizabeth, I don't think you understand how much that ring means to him. He's really sorry for the way he acted.” Sam grinned at her. “Don't worry though, 'Lizabeth, he'll be himself in just--”

Sam and 'Lizabeth rushed outside and saw Frodo bouncing up and down on something invisible. His face was green. “HELP SAM!--*bouncing* HELP!”
Sam got his pistol out and put it on the invisible bouncy thing, and sure enough, it started to bounce, too. “Jump to the side, Mr. Frodo!” Sam said. Finally, after lots of bouncing, Frodo fell with a thud on the ground. Sam and 'Lizabeth ran over to him, and he was green all over now. “Whaaaaaa--??” Sam said in surprise.

“What is it Sam? My head hurts. Can you help me up please?”
Frodo reached out his hand, then jerked it back, looking at it carefully. “Whaaaat?? Why am I green?”

They never found out why he turned green, but when the quest was finished, Galadriel told them she'd put the town there for them to rest in. Later, when Sam told her all that had happened, and the bar fights Frodo had gotten into, she swore to Celeborn that she would never put a western town in Middle Earth again. When they told Elrond they had found more splinters in Frodo's shoulder, Elrond decided he wasn't a good doctor/surgeon so he gave up that profession.
Merry and Pippin, of course, were jealous that they hadn't gotten to be there.
And so Frodo and Sam went back to the Shire and tried to make them forget about the whole thing, but it never worked, oh well!


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