Dancing Through Life

Submitted by Grace J. on Tue, 02/05/2019 - 03:54

Sweet, strong, and loud,
They float through the air
Telling me “Come!”
Dance, if I dare

I lift up my head,
My heart jumps upward.
I must go dance to
The music I’ve heard.

I step on the floor,
Caught up in life’s song,
My hands start to clap,
My feet bound along!

I whirl and I twirl,
I slide and I leap,
The music’s notes through
My heart slowly seep.

Tapping and turning,
Clapping and spinning,
The notes and the music,
The noise and the singing.

Yet as the song plays,
Surprise grows in me;
The dance is not quite
What I thought it would be.

At times it is jolly,
I find myself leaping!
All the laughter and joy
Make my heart want to sing!

But then the dance slows—
It’s too monotonous
Ev’rything’s all the same
From dawn until dusk

Or else the music
Runs much too quickly.
I cannot keep up
With the racing medley.

Sometimes the music
Is painful, drags on.
My heart feels heavy
As I move through the song.

Occasionally a dancer
Is hurt and discouraged.
“Give up, don’t keep dancing,”
A tempting voice says.

The dance can be superb,
Full of laughter and ease.
But it can also be painful,
Pulling me to my knees.

When the dance is too hard
For me to continue—
The pain and the hardships
Strain and drain my will to—

It is in these tough times
I’m called to remember:
I don’t live alone;
I’m held by my Father.

He’s standing there with me—
My Savior, my Maker.
He’s holding my hand
When the dance is rougher.

He’s held onto me
Through every step.
Through all of my joy,
Ev’ry tear that I’ve wept.

When the dance is jolly
And I jump and I spin,
He rejoices right with me,
He stays with me then.

When the dance seems the same,
Repeating and boring,
He stares in my eyes
And says, “Count your blessings.”

When my feet can’t keep up
With the music’s fast rhythm,
He holds me and says
To find my peace in Him.

When the music begins
To hurt and is heavy,
He still won’t let go;
He’ll hold onto me.

In every step,
I know he’s with me,
Working for my good
When I cannot see.

When my feet grow weary
And I long to stop dancing
I’m still not alone—
He knows ev’rything.

He holds my hand
In the midst of it all;
He’ll never let go,
He’ll hear every call.

How I dance and I live
Is all determined
By who I dance with,
From start until end.

When I hold on to Him
And follow his lead
I find He is all
That I’ll ever need.

In the fast, in the slow,
In the joy, in the pain,
The exciting and boring,
The different and same,

I’m never alone;
I’m loved by my Father.
He’ll always hold me,
His child, his daughter.

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Wow! Wow! Wow! XD Wow, this is incredible!!!! It is so true and I cannot tell you how much I can relate and how much I love this poem! Thank you for sharing this with me <3 The words and the mood are just so perfect. My favorite lines were:

When the dance seems the same,
Repeating and boring,
He stares in my eyes
And says, “Count your blessings.”

Oh my goodness - so true! Thank you, Grace <3<3

As someone who timetables her life according to the music she listens to, I find this incredibly relatable as well as perfectly expressed. Thank you for sharing this.

I don’t thrive off of chaos: chaos thrives off of me.

As someone who quite feverishly studies dance and loves life, I will say that this is so accurate to my life currently and I had a smile on my face through it. Very good job! I felt music and dance throughout the poem!

Introverts unite!
From the comfort of your own homes!

Thank you all so much!!! I'm so glad you liked it! To be honest, I wasn't sure if I would post it now or not; I was having trouble with it. I'm glad I did! Thanks! You guys encouraged me and made me smile :D

“You are doing something great with your life—when you are doing all the small things with His great love.” - Ann Voskamp