This Deed Must Be Done

Submitted by Grace J. on Fri, 06/14/2019 - 03:54

I shake as fear grows
And feel my heart thump.
I’ve heard the decrees—
They’re rules everyone knows.

To break the decree
Likely means death.
Yet I see no way out
Of the problem before me.

To obey my calling
And save those in need
I must disobey the rule
And risk ev’rything.

Must I obey?
Must I do it?
Can’t I refuse
And just turn away?

I fear the punishment,
I fear for my life.
Why on this errand
Am I now sent?

I don’t want to act,
I want to stand back.
To stay where it’s safe,
Where nothing I lack.

It’s ridiculous to obey;
My senses say hide.
Stay where you are—
It’s safer that way.


But are my cousin’s words true?
Is this why I’m queen?
Is this the action
God’s prepared me to do?

Was he even working
When I could not see it
So that I could be here
At this exact timing?

When I was a nobody,
Raised by my cousin,
Was God working then,
My small life did he see?

When events came unforeseen
And changed my whole life—
One day I was a commoner,
The next day I was queen—

Was that all a part
Of God’s great timing?
Was it another brushstroke
In his grand work of art?

I’m beginning to think so;
I believe God was working
Then and before,
When I did not know.

I believe my cousin’s right—
I’m here for a reason.
I have to go on,
Against evil, I must fight.


The time is approaching
And I don’t feel prepared.
I’m not sure I can stand
And do this hard thing.

Right now this action
Does not make sense.
I just want to hide,
I just want to run.

My heart doubts what I earlier
Affirmed with my head.
My thoughts argue to stay—
“Don’t go any further!”


Fear tries to conquer,
But I cannot stand back.
I must risk my life
To save many others

This is the mission
God’s given to me
I must do all that he says
Until this task is done.

God will save his people;
But will he do it through me?
That choice is in my hands.

I will fulfill my role.


The time has come,
I must do it now.
This act must be completed,
This deed must be done.

No matter the outcome,
No matter the cost,
I’m putting my trust
In my King, the wisest One.

The One who loves me
And is working for my good
His plans are the best
Even if I cannot see


The doors open
My heart nearly stops.
This act must be completed,
This deed must be done.

May I approach the throne?
Or will I now die?
This act must be completed,
This deed must be done.

No matter the outcome,
I must push forward, for
This act must be completed,
This deed must be done.

Katie Davis, “Every day, we have a choice. We can stay nestled in our safe comfortable places…We can let fear of something that really is small compared to the greatness of God cripple us. Or we can take a risk, do something to help someone else, make a person smile, change someone’s world.” “…what if…just beyond the fear is a life better than anything we have ever imagined”?

~ The story of Esther and her bravery is found in the Old Testament book of Esther :) ~

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