For Our Country

Submitted by Grace J. on Sat, 07/04/2020 - 04:39

Boats slipping cross a river
In the deep dark of night
Cold but determined soldiers
Sailing to a new fight

A country just blooming
Struggling to survive
Would they wither and die
Or succeed and then thrive?

“Why do you do it?”
“For justice and liberty,
To protect our fam’lies,
To form a new country!”

Rows of weary soldiers
Far from home and fam’ly
But to rise or to fall,
To charge and fight, ready

Such anger and sorrow,
A country divided
But many stood proud,
Strong and united

“Why do you do it?”
“For justice and liberty,
For freedom and unity,
To defend our dear country!”

A masterful plan
Deceiving the enemy
The unloading of boats
Everywhere you could see

Charging cross beaches
Some falling, some running on
Did they know what was at stake
That early, early dawn?

“Why do you do it?”
“For justice and liberty,
For freedom and safety,
To defend our own country!”

Planes roaring above
Bullets screaming by
Shouting and yelling—
Who’ll live and who’ll die?

A softly weeping family,
A wife or a mother,
A husband or father,
A son or a daughter

“Why did they do it?”
“For justice and liberty,
For their families and homes,
In defense of their country.”

A young girl down
On the floor on her knees
Hands folded, soft whispers,
Prayers, heartfelt pleas

No physical war to go to,
She lives in the blessings
Of their struggles and sacrifices,
Their hardships and fighting

Grateful for their sacrifice,
Yet she knows her own country
Can be lost without a battle
And we’ll no longer be free

A young broken girl
Who has a broken past
Praying for a broken country
Who has a broken past

Fought for and loved
Even at her worst,
Now praying to the God
The God who loved her first

She knows that you can
Love, fight and die
For someone who’s flawed
Someone who’s life’s awry

So too she believes
A country needn't be perfect
Or have a perfect past
To be given love and respect

And so she prays
For her beloved country
A proud patriot wishing
To see her homeland free

“Why do you do it?”
“For justice and liberty,
For truth and safety,
‘Cause I love my country!”

~ ~

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