Ransom, a hnau from Thulcandra

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~ WARNING!!! This poetry spoils the plot of "Out of the Silent Planet" by C.S. Lewis. If you haven't read the book, then I recommend it to you. If you have read his book, then I hope you enjoy this poem :) ~

Kidnapped by bent men
And placed in their ship,
Through the heavens Ransom flew
On a rather long trip

When they arrived on our planet,
On our lovely landscape,
Ransom thought everything
Looked strange and out of shape

He fled from the hnakra
And the sorns who
The bent men tried
To give him to

He met up with a hross –
Hyoi was his name –
And to our own home
Hyoi and Ransom soon came

We told him of our home,
Which is called Malacandra,
And he told us of his
Which is called Thulcandra

When we heard of the hnakra
Whom Ransom had fled
We organized a hunt
To make the hnakra dead

Ransom, Hyoi, and Whin
Together in one boat
Sailed ahead of their friends
Who in other ships were afloat

Then Ransom, Hyoi and Whin
Met an eldil who
Said that Ransom had
A task he must do

He was to go to Oyarsa
But before he left
The three met the hnakra
And caused the creature’s death

Once on shore, however,
Hyoi was killed by bent men
So Ransom decided to obey
The eldil’s command right then

He journeyed up
Very high in the air
And found breathing
Rather difficult there

Thankfully, he met a sorn
Whose name is Augray
And this kind creature
Helped Ransom on his way

He traveled to Meldilorn
Where in an aisle
Of Malacandra creatures he
Talked with Oyarsa a while

There hrossa brought
The two bent men
And Oyarsa tried
To speak with them then

The Thick One talked much
But Oyarsa said
They must return home
Or he must make them dead

So they left the next day
In their spaceship again
With their days limited to
Nine groups of ten

Ransom went with them
On their dangerous trip
Across the wide Heavens
In their great flying ship

The eldila have said
That they made it safe back
To their home on Thulcandra
And the next details we lack

For they shall never return
To our dear Malacandra
But we shall never forget
Ransom, a hnau from Thulcandra!

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A couple years ago, I read "Out of the Silent Planet" and wrote a poem on it for school. It is written from the perspective of the hrossa.