The Things That I'm Thankful For

Submitted by Grace J. on Mon, 11/19/2018 - 06:24

For all of my family,
My dog and my friends,
For cards and letters
To me and to send,

For great joy and great peace,
For defying a fear,
For nights filled with laughter,
Kind family for my tears,

For hope in something solid,
For God’s grace and mercy,
For his abundant love
That he’s shown towards me,

For all of these blessings
And so many more—
These are the things
That I’m thankful for.

All kinds of weather—
Rain, sunshine, and snow,
For cakes and for chocolate,
Ice cream and cookie dough.

Great quotes, books, music,
Fuzzy blankets, a warm bed,
Smiles and laughter,
Encouraging words said.

Discussions and dreams,
Jokes, laughter, puns,
Days with success,
Afternoons full of fun.

God’s given me these things
And so, so much more.
These are the things
That I’m thankful for.

Prayer and worship
That come from the heart.
New adventures and journeys
That will soon start.

A child’s great joy
And contagious laughter,
Quiet places and memories,
Decorations and pictures.

Church, foggy mornings,
Pockets, bookmarks, hugs
For hot, steaming tea
Poured into pretty mugs

Oh, God’s steeped me in blessings
And he’s got more in store.
These are the things
That I’m thankful for.

Air conditioning and heaters,
Dishwashers and radio stations,
Running water, electricity,
Refrigerators, stoves, ovens.

Feelings and thoughts,
The ability to dance, to run,
Laugh, see, hear, play,
Wonder and imagine.

Living in a democracy,
Kindness, justice, freedom,
For my country here,
And an eternal kingdom.

For all of the love
God’s shown to me,
The things I can touch
And the things I can’t see.

For his goodness and kindness,
His abundant blessings,
For the grace he’s shown me
In so many things.

For a someday soon joy
Surpassing earth’s heartaches,
For no need to fear death and
The peace this in me makes.

For Christ’s birth and life,
Death and resurrection,
For a promise from him
To someday soon come.

For all of these blessings
And so many more—
These are the things
That I’m thankful for.

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I agree with Damaris! I see so many things here that I remind myself I'm grateful for-- that not everyone in the world has these things, and that I'm very blessed to have what I have! Thank you for putting to words the joy in everything. I needed to feel grateful today. So, to add to the list, I'm grateful for this poem!

Introverts unite!
From the comfort of your own homes!

Thank you! :) I'm glad you both enjoyed it! It was fun to find write, and I needed to remind myself that I have a lot to be grateful for.
Happy Thanksgiving!

“You are doing something great with your life—when you are doing all the small things with His great love.” - Ann Voskamp