The Valley of Memory

Submitted by Grace J. on Sun, 04/14/2019 - 05:25

We are a people of
A strange and wondrous kind.
A similar group of folks
You’ll never, ever find.

We lived in a valley
Of beauty and pleasure.
There was great peace and joy
Upon all who lived there.

The lush land was more fine
Than any ever seen;
The waters laughed and played
In that valley of green.

Our people worked and lived
In our homely valley,
‘Round a lake of water
And its one, ancient tree.

But, alas! the peace
Could not always last;
For cruel evil swooped in
And dealt a deadly blast.

It was a perfect spring,
A lovely, breezy day.
Parents were starting work
While children began their play.

But nearby evil lurked
Intent on destruction;
Shrouded in darkness though
The daylight brightly shone.

With a cry that still rings
Through our people’s hist’ry,
Evil leaped from hiding
And fell on the valley.

With a speed created
By a desire for death,
Evil stole joy and hope—
Barren, the land was left.

Our people fled, consumed
By dread and by fears;
Their plans and dreams forgot
In that valley of tears.

But in that time a flame
Of determination
Ignited in the heart
Of a young, noble son.

His name was Nulthacin,
And when he saw evil
Shouted, “Who will fight back?
I will! I will! I will!”

He leapt towards the forces,
Wielding his sturdy bow,
And aiming hard fired
Arrow after arrow.

When his arrows faltered
He turned then to his sword;
And still crying, “I will!”
Nulthacin charged forward.

The warrior’s cry roused
The hearts of his hearers;
They then armed themselves, too—
An army of warriors

Their fury and fierceness
Were beyond any seen
In that valley of blood,
That once valley of green.

Nulthacin fought evil
With the forces that he led,
Avenging every drop
Of blood his people bled.

When at last Nulthacin
Fell beneath evil’s strength,
“I will, I will!” he cried
As to the ground he sank.

As his life left, he swung
At every foe ‘round;
And again and again
An evil heart it found.

When a sword’s blade at last
Pierced through his brave heart,
Nulthacin’s face shone with
The brav’ry he had at start.

“I will, I will, I will,”
He whispered o’er and o’er
‘Till at last his eyes closed—
Nulthacin breathed no more.

On that day we lost our
Beloved green valley
Homeless and forgotten
We wandered to the sea.

From there we would set sail,
But to where we knew not;
For where could we find hope,
Healing from evil wrought?

For we can ne’er forget
The fateful, wicked blows,
The children’s screams of fear,
E’ry mother’s sorrows.

We can’t and won’t forget
Nulthacin and others
Who stood, fought, and died
Bravely for us there.

Their stand and their courage,
Their heroic actions
Saved the lives of others—
Of sisters, daughters, sons

That day, our warriors
Fought and fell in brav’ry
And ne’er will we forget
The fight in that valley.

In return, we will still
Stand against all evil;
Together lift the cry,
“I will! I will! I will!”

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This is a poem I wrote about an imaginary group of people who live in an imaginary world I made up for a book I'm writing. The actual book isn't anywhere near being done, but I thought I'd share this with you.


This is beautiful! It reminds me of the old Nordic hero poems. It really drew me in.

Brother: Your character should drive a motorcycle.
Me: He can't. He's in the wilderness.
Brother: Then make it a four-wheel-drive motorcycle!