Aahrenwold pt. 8

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Chapter 14


Nordic Malushomo sat on his horse, waiting.

And a bird that had apparently flown too close to the sun rudely interrupted his waiting.

As Alegis arrived on the scene, Nordic was swatting wildly at the fireball of a canary.

So he put him out of his misery.

Not dead mind you, but out cold.


Shortly after these proceedings there arrived Sora and Nomen, panting hard.

“I still don’t know how we got out through those walls without a door but I like it,” said Nomen.

“And here’s Ffyrx” Sora said “hi Ffyrx. How are you?”

The Phoenix answered with a spine-chilling screech.

Alegis walked up after he had sent Nordic on his not quite so merry way.

"How and who is everybody?" Alegis asked.

"I'm Sora Delavici, I'm both pleased to meet you and fine"

"I'm Nonomen Gemini. Have you seen my brother? His name is Jack and he's my twin"

Alegis wiped a tear from his eye. "I think your brother is dead"



Aalen Fideli and Jack Gemini stood on a hill far above the clouds.

"How do you like being part of my book?" Aalen asked.

"Fine so far. Except for dying of course."

"I didn't plan that by the way."

"Who did?"

"Well, everything in my story was erased from my computer. The only characters left alive were currently being written about."


Aalen sat down under a gnarled Blackwood tree. "Watch this."

From out of the foliage of the tree fell a dragon; it was about three feet long with fur-like feathers, a tail like a monkey and a round face with eyes that looked at you. The dragon was the color of green.

"Greeting. You are to be sitting down if you would be kind."

The dragon had wings, but it flew almost as if it were tunneling through the air.

It flew next to Jack and sat in a coil with its tail in its claws. "I am to be calling mine self Spoudge"


Chapter 15


Spoudge led Aalen and Jack to a cliff with a dock that jutted out in the air.

A sailboat was tied up to the dock; a sailboat with wings that is.

Spoudge flitted onto the flying boat, “You are to be coming along to the boat as well if you will”

Jack shook his head “there is no way I’m getting on that thing. I don’t care if it’ll hold me up or not.”

Aalen jumped onto the sailfloat. “Come on Jack, it’s awesome!”

“I dunno…”

Jack leapt on just as the boat started hovering away.




Kyle sat in his room.

The story had been backed up to an external drive and a printed copy was in a folder on his desk.

Kyle decided it was time to end the story, but how?

“I could have Aalen take the boat to the… no.”

“Maybe Nordic could… no not that.”


Kyle slid off his bed.


He began to write.



The boat was truly flying now.

Aalen looked toward the horizon.

He saw birds and clouds floating lazily by.

The patchwork that was Aeturnuvita drifted beneath the boat.

A wall formed an odd rectangle down below.

A wall with a dragon and two humans on top.


The boat turned and began spiraling slowly downward.

Aalen, Jack and Spoudge ran to the railing.

The dragon below hailed them thus: “Peace to you, guardian of shrubbery!”

“The same to be going for thee, o’ keeper of Walls.” Spoudge retorted.


The boat settled ‘lightly’ on the ground, flinging Jack off the side.

Nonomen enfolded his twin in a hug to shame all other hugs.

“Where were you!”

“Oh, you know. Dying, waking up, disappearing, flying, landing and getting hugged.”

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Oh, come on! Don't end the story yet. I really like it.