Evening Glow

Submitted by AmandaMR on Fri, 04/20/2018 - 00:00

Once, under sun's last gleaming flame,
I met a purple glow;
At first I could not give it name
(Whose name I surely know).

'Twas in a rich green hollow set,
Awash with sun-kissed leaves,
Where slender stem with leaf-top met
And clustered thick as thieves.

I glanced sidelong; the glow remained
A vibrant purple hue,
Complete with scent as yet unnamed
(Whose scent I surely knew).

Reluctant yet to fully look
And dash the mystery,
Deliberately, I at first mistook
It for a violet sea;

Pretending every leaf a boat
On purple waves high thrown,
Above an unknown sound afloat
(Whose sound I'd surely known).

The lazy rustle calling me,
I dared at last a gaze,
To find a scene of wild beauty
By sundown set ablaze.

A host of violets everywhere,
As if Demeter flung
Her godly cloak on meadow bare,
And from it life had sprung.

Their perfume rose like purple mist
Above their vibrant glow,
Violet mixed with amethyst,
And touch of plum below.

While tiny blue forget-me-nots
With gentian centers deep
Hid under violets, unforgot,
Their company to keep.

A wind went whispering around
This fairy glen so long,
It caused each leaf and petal bound
To earth to dance in song.

This amaranthine carpet laid
Upon the verdant floor,
The mind's subconscious quickly made
A place of mythic lore:

Warmth in color captured fast
In this idyllic pool;
Nature's richness unsurpassed
By man's best-wielded tool.

This sun-bathed purple Eden filled
My soul with deep delight,
And stayed I long, all worry stilled,
Until the fall of night.

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This is absolutely delightful, Amanda. Each verse holds such beauty, and I’d really like to frame it on my wall. Well done, dear.

I don’t thrive off of chaos: chaos thrives off of me.

I think there's something so poignant about how you arranged the words; it felt like everything about this poem fairly lived and breathed, and I could see and feel and smell. This was so beautiful and...glowing. :) The last line especially made me sigh in contentment. I think the fact that you not only perfectly described every detail, but used precise meters and rhymes, the whole picture was enhanced in my mind.

Thanks, Libby! I ended up sitting in my yard for at least an hour just looking at the flowers and trying to get them to come across on paper. :)

"Come, travel with me in dreams far, far beyond the range of the possible and the known." ~Charles Baudelaire

Granted I haven't been keeping up with apricotpie a whole lot lately, but this is one of the best poems I've read on here for a long time.

It's what I would describe as "light-hearted", and you've worded it so perfectly. The rhythm and rhyme are beautiful, and your really brought everything together so well.

I must also add that I greatly enjoyed what you did in stanza 1, 3, and 5 with "know", "knew", and "known". Thank you for gracing us with this poem.

"My greatest wish for my writing is that it would point you to the Savior."

Thank you so much, it means a lot to hear that. I don't write poetry very often, but it's always great to hear that it resonated with someone else. I was inspired a bit by both Wordsworth and Dickinson with the whole "know" thing. :)

"Come, travel with me in dreams far, far beyond the range of the possible and the known." ~Charles Baudelaire