I Went To School

Submitted by Brighid on Wed, 12/07/2016 - 21:29

They’re laughing too loud over here at school,
And I can’t help but wonder if it’s pointed at me.
My plain pink tee and thrift store jeans
Score no points on their checklist marked “cool”.

He says a word that makes me shut down.
It’s vile and rough and I don’t understand.
Why choose to say something that way?
I fix my eyes on my papers scattered round.

A bright red A marks my last Speech test.
Across the table, she flicks her thumb across her phone.
The clock bongs ten and she curses again,
Sighing as she snags her backpack and the rest.

A guy sits across from me, flashes me a leery smile.
I throw up my walls against the world outside.
He asks for my name, my answer’s the same
As it is for all who want access to that file.

He looks nervous, she looks small.
I meet their eyes and nod with a gentle smile.
He sighs in relief, she joins me like a thief.
Maybe I’m not so alone after all.

God put them there, I know He did.
My Lord is always the Man with the plan.
He knew my place, He watched my face.
My friends are glad I did what was bid.

This world outside, it’s big and discordantly wild.
I’ve just adjusted to the “normal” tongue.
But I choose a life where it’s encouraged to strive
For higher and better with the faith of a child.

Author's age when written

I was homeschooled all my life and am finishing up my first semester at college. I was never extremely "sheltered" but there are always certain things that will take you by surprise. I was surprised and got over it because God put the right people in my life. He knows what He's doing!


Gahhhhhh Brighid stop being so perfect at everything!!! Just kidding, don't stop. I won't have a sister to look up to otherwise. You make me very happy and your presence on God's earth is a blessing to all who meet you! This poem just... it's just... all the stories you tell of college wrapped into this bundle of perfectly timed lines! I love how you speed up the rhythm by putting two rhyme schemes on the same line! Perfection!

Introverts unite!
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