The Envious One

Submitted by Caleb on Thu, 02/06/2020 - 00:47

Either way my jealous envy
Rears it’s ugly head,
If you work at things I’m good at,
Or other things instead.

Fears that you’ll surpass, replace me,
Take away my relevance,
Come when you pursue my skill-fields,
Learn my learning’s eloquence.

As Vivian entrapped Merlin
Fast inside a tree
When the witch had learned his wisdom —
So you’ll do to me!


If you show no interest,
In the skills of which I boast,
Turn yawning and indifferent,
From things I love the most,

That you’ve sat by with judging eye
And thought my projects lame
Brings fears you’re right, it’s all in vain
They’re worthless, I’m the same.

And I’m like some inventor
Who fruitlessly pursues
An obsolete contraption
That no one wants to use.

The thing you turn to,
Your study, your pursuit,
Is beautiful and wondrous,
Come, teach me how you do it.

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