Valentine Sonnet of an Insolvent Versifier

Submitted by Caleb on Fri, 02/14/2020 - 21:48

I long to deck you with a diamond cloak
And see your smile shine in a golden ring,
As bright as sunlight when the dawn first woke,
And gleamed on every diamond dew-dropped thing.
I want to crown you with a diadem
Of silver lilies and ruby roses shining;
With lapis hyacinth on emerald stem,
All through your dark brown forest tresses twining.
But now I’m strapped for cash, yet you are fair —
Your clever fingers ringless, and your crown
A single rose set in your chestnut hair,
Which flows as shining cloak your shoulders down.
Still, for your care shall all my strength be pressed;
Now as my earnest, in my verse be dressed.

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