Triumvir: Chapter Twenty-Two

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To war!  To war!

With brandished sword

And pointed spear

And arrows bent

And banners raised

We lift our voices high!

For life and land

Queen and kin

We shout out to the sky!

To war!  To war!

We might not return

But fear do we spurn

We voice our battle cry!

To war!


So the Fairy Folk sang as they marched to battle.

For indeed, war was upon them.  United under the Dragon Crest of Ey'ley -- the majestic banner displaying a great, golden dragon -- they sang as they slew.  Monsters of the most horrible forms fell quickly under their fearless weapons.  But as many as they killed came again, fast as the other vermin were down.  A seemingly unending line of foes opposed them; and the fairies grew tired.

In the midst fought Anomien.  Power was hers, and with it she controlled the heavens.  Rain poured and a thunderstorm gathered; but a blue fire was in her eyes.  Asani battled by her side, and Syla also.  Syla stayed close to the Dragon Banner, swiftly dispatching any vermin who ventured near.  They fought well, yet the speed at which the monsters were dying slackened.  The courage of the fairy army faltered, though Queen Asani's handmaid Lyli still held the Banner high, protected by guards and the Earth Fairy.

Anomien struggled over to Asani.  "Sister," cried the Water Fairy, obliged to raise her voice over the great clangs and clashes of battle, "how is it that these creatures keep coming?  They seem to be of" -- she paused to stab a monster -- "no lack." 

Asani grimly chopped off the head of her opponent.  "My only explanation," shouted the Queen as she breathlessly turned to face another foe, "is magic."  She killed the monster and paused a quick moment to wipe her sweating brow.  "Black magic."

"Magic?  By whom?  How --?"

Asani now faced two monsters at once and turned away before Anomien could finish.  Anomien wasn't sure she could have answered her question anyway.

Suddenly, a thunderous roar shattered the air.

Asani finished off the monsters and turned.  "What was that?  And look, fire!", pointing to another part of the battlefield.

But Anomien did not hear.  "Syla is gone..." she whispered.  Then, with a cry of distress, "Where did Syla go?!"

Asani glanced over the field.  She saw the Dragon Banner lying where it had fell, in rivers of blood and dirt.

But the dead were buried under the carcasses of monsters.

Anomien sobbed.

Thunder rumbled.

The river foamed.

Asani glanced up in despair.

She thought she saw a shadow, as of two great wings, fly toward the South.




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AAAGGGGGHHHHH THIS WAS SHORT!!!!!!!!!  I like the way you described Anomien's fighting.  That was cool.  For such a short chapter, you better post again soon.  I like the new name you chose for this too. ;-)

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Bridget: Yes, I'm sorry, that was very short! :)  More will hopefully be posted soon!

Clare: Thank you!  Btw, I'm so glad I found someone else who spells it "Clare" and not "Claire" or "Clair". ;)  Sorry, that was random, but I had to tell you. :D

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Why did you make it so short?!? Not right at all! I'm looking forward to reading more, as always!

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