He Wants to Break Free

Submitted by Velocity on Fri, 08/14/2009 - 00:14

His eyes are filled with sorrow,

He pulls himself around,

He lives everyday fighting death,

With pain filling his head.


He walks a path of sorrow,

Wherever he goes.

His hands are scarred, with the pain,

Of wht he use to want to know.


He tells them 'I'm alive' but to him in the deadest way.

The pain inside, is breaking him,

but he needs a heart to live.

He wants to sleep,

but without the scary dreams.

and wishes he wanted to be awake,

but to a better reality.



Really it builds on him,

He feels like he’s gonna’ explode

Really he wants to scream

and really, he wants to be free.

Really he has a broken heart,

The tear made him fall apart.

What will you do, to help him do,

What he needs to.


Where will he go, while he’s crying?

What will he do, while he’s dying?

What can he say, when he needs someone?

Somebody like you,

What will you do?



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