The Most Asked Questions about Homeschooling

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The Most Asked Questions about Homeschooling

You know all the stupid little questions that everybody automatically asks you directly after you say “Oh, I’m homeschooled”. Sometimes, when I’m so sick of people asking questions, my reply to their “So what school do you go too?” is just naming the local high school. And after that people don’t think twice.

Here they are, in order of how often their asked:

1. “Wow, do you get to do school work in your pj’s?” (This one is often asked by kids)
My answer: “Yes, absolutely! When ever I feel like it. Aren’t you jealous?”
They just obviously think it’s a great privilege to wear your pyjamas to school!

2. “How do you socialize?” I hate this question!! It’s as if everyone expects that homeschooled kids are shut up inside the house, all day, everyday, 24/7!! I have different answers for different occasions. It really depends on my mood that day. I usually feel like shouting at them “I am a normal person, just like you!! How the heck do you socialize, ‘cos it probably exactly the same as I do?!” But then I remember that they are human beings, same as me. I just say that I meet and talk to people in ways exactly the same as they do.

3. “Do you have any friends?”
ARRRHHHHH!!!!! I can’t believe people ask those questions! Sometimes I feel like giving them a really severe lecture on how I make my friends and how stupid their previous question was. But, as I wrote above, I am obliged to give them a civil answer, like “Yeah, well, I actually make friends through church, sport, music and just doing normal stuff, just like a normal person.”

4. I actually get this a lot; people don’t have any idea there is such a thing as homeschooling. On several occasions I have had people say “Wow, I never knew there were homeschoolers in _____bla bla.” Or “There’s other kids who homeschool than just you?”

5. “Do you like homeschooling?” This is also a pretty fair question; I mean, the other person is just trying to get a better view of you. Or trying to see if you’re forced into homeschooling! For my answer, I just say “Yeah well it’s pretty good. Um….. There are pros and cons really,” (The next bit fixes into the next question).

6. “Have you been to real school before?” “Yes I have.” “Do you like homeschooling better then real school?” Period. I get this question a LOT, even from homeschoolers. After all, they’re wondering if they’re missing out on anything; which, to tell the truth, there are some good things about public schooling; there are defiantly pros and cons. Here’s my answer: “Well actually, they’re pretty even. Homeschooling has a lot of benefits, like there are no interruptions during proper class time, there’s no homework, and if you have problems learning, or you’re behind, homeschooling can give that child a chance to get back on track. Public schooling has good points too; I mean you get to see your friends everyday for six hours; that’s pretty cool. And there’s sport. Homeschooling you don’t have a scheduled sport time every day. Well, I’m not speaking for homeschoolers all over the world, but at least in my home we don’t. I’m pretty much responsible for my own fitness, and my schooling.” Gee, I could say a whole lot more, but that’s for anther essay.

7. “Do you get recess and lunch breaks like normal kids?” My answer actually surprises many kids; I say “Yes; but then I’m usually finished by lunch time anyway.” Kids get so jealous! They’re like “What?! I want to get homeschooled!” But then, after a few more questions, they realize that they would defiantly, absolutely not be schooled by their mum! Funny, isn’t it? And people ask the same question about holidays. I don’t get it: Everyone has to have a break sometimes; and we’re normal people right?

8. “Who teaches you?”
“My mum.”
(This usually comes from adults) “Is your mum a qualified teacher?” or something along those lines. Then I have to explain that no, anyone, even an average mum can homeschool! This is a pretty fair question; I mean, I probably would have asked that if I wasn’t homeschooled!

9. “Do you take tests and have to do assignments?” it’s almost as if they expect you to not have tests and assignments at all! I say: “Yeah, just like you! Although for some subjects it differs.” I actually had one girl ask me that at soccer training; and when I said yes, she elbowed her friend and said “Did you hear that Jade? She has tests and assignments just like us!” She then turned around to me again and said “So when your done with your assignment you just hand it over to your mum and say “Here’s my assignment, mum!”?” I laughed.

10. I have never got this type of question before; and to me it sounded totally idiotic: I was out with another homeschooler the other day, and her uncle was there. He asked “So how do you know ________?” I said “Oh, through homeschooling.” He looked totally bewildered, and said “But you guys don’t live in the same house.” I just stared at him for a couple of seconds, wondering how this guy could be so ignorant, and then recovered myself and explained how there was this whole homeschooling network. He was just like “Ohhhhh, so there’s a whole lot of you is there?”

I can’t think of any more at the moment; but if you think of any more please comment and let me know!

After thought: I know lots of you have already written something similar to this; but I just felt that I needed to get these off my chest. Hope you don’t mind! :P

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Haha, this is JUST how it is! :P I was asked the socialization question a few days ago, lol! Well, number nine was funny! :D


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Good essay. You made some good points! The questions they ask are often just plain...weird! The one that bugs me the most is probably, "Do you like homeschooling?" I've gotten that before. That really stumps me. I'm thinking, "Do you honestly think I'm going to do it if I don't like it?!" LOL!

I've been to public school, too, on-and-off up until the sixth grade. Not my thing. I don't care for the public school system, or the everyone-is-the-same mentality.

LOL! And moms definitely do NOT have to be qualified teachers to, well, teach! hehe! Oh and the socialization question....argh. xD That's the worst, I swear! There's this comedian, Tim Hawkins, who homeschools his kids. He's hilarious. One of his jokes is he'll ask the audience, "How many homeschoolers are here today?" After he gets an answer he'll smile and nod and say, "So, how does it feel to be outside?" Or something along those lines. Haha! You should check him out--a lot of his videos are on youtube. :)

Anyway, good essay. Welcome to AP! I'm HomeschoolGirl. (as you can see...)

-Homey :D

Around here homeschooling is a little more accepted and known.. but I've still been asked almost every single one of those questions.

Sometimes I'd be in the store with my mom.. DURING SCHOOL HOURS...
Didn't have to answer any questions then.. ;)

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Haha, guess what? My dad is a certified math teacher. Many of those questions you brought up are constantly asked to me. I liked your replies! ;)

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Homeschool Girl: yeah, I have heard of Tim Hawkins, and heard his song: The HOmeschool family, Then they all click their fingers. It gets stuck in my head sometimes; especially when i'm doing school work!

Sarah: thanks a lot; when I read it back to myself, i just laughed!

Renolds: yeah, homeschooling is hardly known in Australia; especially in N.S.W. Lots of times I have been to the checkout with my mum and have got asked "So why aren't u in school?" or "Are u on holidays?" Most of the time now i don't get that anymore; because so many people think i'm around the age of 16, they think that i've just dropped out of school!

Ha, lucy, my dad is a qualified relief teacher, but he doesn't teach any more.

Okay guys thanks for your comments, sorry for my quick typing; i gotta be somewhere soon! bye :)

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