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Submitted by Damaris Ann on Tue, 11/14/2017 - 18:47

To be a writer is to be vulnerable. As soon as you admit to being one, you are faced with questions. Questions like "So what have you published?" I have not published anything, though I have written thousands of words.

To be vulnerable is to open yourself up to being criticized. "Your grammar is poor." "Your storyline is weak." "This is too sappy." "Your poetry is too religious." I am still growing and learning. To be vulnerable is also to seek publication. To take a chance on being rejected because you're not what someone is looking for. To be vulnerable is to be open to hearing "I don't want you." To being told "No."

To be a writer is to be humble. To take criticism and grow from it. To respect the holder of opposing opinions. To listen, to heed or ignore as needed. To appreciate the tips and tricks being shared with you. To be thankful, even if much-needed help makes you cry at night and say "I can't do it anymore." To be humble is to know you're not perfect.

To be a writer is to fear. To fear competition, to fear the opinions of others regarding your work, but most importantly; to fear God. The fear of man is crippling, but the fear of God brings freedom. The freedom to shine your light brightly.

To write is to love. To love God enough to write His story. His poem. His message. His song. To love is to write what one person needs to hear. To let them know you're there for them. To encourage them. Convict them. Entertain them. Humor them. To remind them that there is more to life than simply existing. To love is to step out of yourself to be there for someone else.

To be a writer is to be humble, to be humble is to be vulnerable, to be vulnerable is to fear, to fear is to love, to love is to write, And to write is a gift. What will you do with it?

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Don't worry, I'm still working on ACL. Chapter five will be out next week. I just needed to take a super short break from fiction and write this bit before it left my brain for good and all. :)


You had me at the beginning sentence!
Damaris, this is perfectly true and perfectly beautiful. I totally understand the bit about being vulnerable to publishing. I'm soon going to be taking my novel to a professional publisher (I had self-published it but I rewrote it over the summer) and I'm scared out of my wits. I'm trusting God on that part!
Hope you're having an amazing day and have a great Thanksgiving!

Introverts unite!
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Thansk, Maddie! I was thinking through all of this after being rejected by a magezine. I sent them The Valley, The Mountain, and The Plataue altogether, but I guess it's not what they're looking for right now. I'm actually totally okay with it, but still wanted to write about the thought process. :)
Good luck to you! I'll pray that all goes well when you talk to the publisher. God's will WILL be done. :)

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