God Was There

Submitted by Damaris Ann on Wed, 01/27/2016 - 03:46

Screams wrenched the atmosphere.
When the Twins crushed and killed it was called unfair.
Was it "them" or us? Questions everywhere.
All I know is God was there.

A mighty tornado went twisting down;
Homes demolished in many a town.
Death allowed to reap what was sown.
I know He was there, they were not alone.

Our soldiers give their lives in brave fight.
We let our trust take a cowardly flight.
We say goodby yet cry, distraught, in fright.
We forget they are held in the hand of His might.

First droughts, then suddenly flood abounds.
Lives snuffed, they wore soggy shrouds.
Prayers answered with bitter clouds?
God's comfort was there in the midst of the crowds.

After going through trials we often ask, "Why?"
We dwell on the "bad" with a bitter sigh.
We fail to see the miracles given from on High.
We forget that God is always nearby.

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