I Wake

Submitted by Damaris Ann on Fri, 05/26/2017 - 17:52

Fingers slide; gently gliding
And touching to feel
My name below the title
My dream came true, this book I'm holding
Yeah my dreams came true

I wake
It wasn't even true
No, what I told you
Never came true

He held me in his arms
And I melted inside his heart
One together, only one forever, yes, with you
I cried with happy tears

I wake
It wasn't even true
No, what I told you
Never came true

Turned on the radio
My own voice flowed out; I drove down the road
In my T-top of red
My song was smooth
This time my dream had to be true

I wake
It wasn't even true
No, what I told you
Never came true

Sleep satisfies
Only when you live inside your own mind
A false reality
It ties and it binds
But it's only real when you're in your mind

But the real paradise
Is when you open up your sleep-filled eyes
You look around and realize
That God has blessed you with such grace in life

I wake
It's too good to be true
And what I told you
Yes it is true

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The rhythm is tough to read properly because this is an actual song (I came up with my first tune, y'all!), and I was having trouble splitting up the lines the way they seperate in my head. :-/ it still needs a little work, but I am hoping to write out some chords and all that fun stuff. :P


I really really reallyreallyreally like this, Damaris; I want to hear the melody so badly! It's funny--just based on this, we have very similar dreams. ;) I especially relate to the book and the radio...and I just love the chorus, and then how you totally switched that up at the end. I imagine this being a very poignant and uplifting song. If you do record the melody and feel inclined, please share! I'd love to hear it!

Oh, and I relate SO MUCH to the line-splitting thing; if that's not the hardest task EVER then I don't know what is. hahahaha! Seriously, though, I get it!

This was heart-wrenching and beautiful.
(at first I thought you really published a book--trying to get me excited?)
Looking forward to the day where all these dreams come true. The day that even if they don't come true, you wouldn't even miss it because you're living something better than your dreams--because God has great plans for you.

"It is not the length of life, but the depth of life." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Aww Megan!! Haha I did not intend to set your heart racing. But I admit, if I had published a book it would be pretty awesome. God's got it all laid out for me in Hos perfect timing. And, to be honest, I am content with waiting on Him. This song was meant to be more reassuring than otherwise, so hopefully it didn't come across as mourning, or complaining.
Thank you so much for your lovely comment!!

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