Never Alone

Submitted by Damaris Ann on Sun, 07/31/2016 - 04:17

Now I ponder and wonder why
A man thinks best to take his life
Thinks to end his conscience' strife
His hopeless fingers grip the knife

There is no love to make him thrive
It hurts to breath; to be alive
He's lost his faith, he's lost his drive
It is not worth the pain to strive

It's become a matter of time
Because of this he starts the climb
From conscience to justify crime
But then he hears a quiet rhyme

You're not alone these days so long
To take your life would be a wrong
So heed this simple little song
I've pulled you from this hopeless throng

An image of a dismal mound
A stone with angels carved around
Weeping has made a bitter sound
He let the knife fall to the ground

Suicide is the crowning act
Of selfishness, this is a fact
It was his faith which he had lacked
Now rightfully he did react

This life he'll turn and make amend
Now upwards does his praise ascend
Never alone, no, to the end
As he goes on with hope and Friend

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This is a poem that I have been wanting to write for the last two years but could never find the right words. A coupe of weeks ago this came to me in the middle of the night (right after writing "Lavander" and a poem about insomnia which will be posted next week). Having struggled with deep depression myself (in the past) I found it fairly easy to wrap my brain around feeling so very lost and alone. I wanted to paint these feelings with vivid imagery. I hope I have at least partly succeeded in doing so. :)


Damari :) thanks so much for sharing this! It is so hard to touch on difficult subjects like this in such a poignant way. I too have had issues in my past of being very depressed (especially when loved ones died). I think you captured those hopeless, pain-filled feelings very well. I did have to cry out to God a lot during that time; and you are right, we are never alone! Thank you for tackling this difficult subject!

On a different note, I can't put my finger on why, but this somehow reminds me of Pilgrim's Progress. The rhythm and word choice I think is why. This is so very relevant and timeless. Great job!

"Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity." 1 Timothy 4:12

This is very eloquent, from the rhyme, to the rhythm, to the word choice. It's a hard act to put into words, but you did just that, and with an uplifting message at the end. Thank you for sharing this with us, and I'm glad to hear (based on your note) that you're feeling better now!

Thank you so much!!
Yes, thankfully it's been a couple years since I was seriously depressed. :) I have a few flitting moments here and there but nothing I can't handle with the grace of God. :) thanks again for your kind and lovely comment!

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