Still, My World

Submitted by Damaris Ann on Tue, 10/29/2019 - 15:43

Oh, the world is dark
The storm within is raging, rushing
Lighting strikes, but lends no light
And night is bleaker with its hit
Fog and mist rise ‘round the tree-trunks
Binding still the black to night
And with its ever-reaching fingers
Steals the hope of daybreak’s joy
But from the mountains creeps a promise
Light has flown across the sky
And reaching here you see it’s figure
A winged being, petite and fair
She stands there quietly, ethereal
And in her eyes there shines the Hope
While in her hands kindness rests
Yet these qualities, though bright
Are not where eye is trained to go
For in her heart is found the beauty
There is found the golden glow
When in her presence, the forrest bends
Bowing down in quiet awe
The storm hushes it’s roaring
The wind stops it’s rushing
And darkness flees in shame
While Love stands still and whispers gently
“Still, my world, and cease this rain”
And so light stretches across the horizon
While dusk gives way to morning sky
And sunrise embraces Love once more
The storm has gone, its anger gone by
And everything is rosy, as before

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It may not appear as such, but this is a love poem. ;)