Three Enemies

Submitted by Damaris Ann on Fri, 05/31/2019 - 11:55

Sin, suffering, and sorrow
My three deepest fears
The three enemies of my faith
Tearing and being torn
Swearing and being mourned
Death on the horizon, I
See the third fear, and
Am surmising
That soon I must
Say goodbye
And my world will go on
Where his ended
My life will move on
Where his didn’t
And then from that pain I turn
I see another man
Who’s life was burned
By the first enemy
By his own choice he
Destroyed a name
He squandered his voice
To play a game
Touching where only joy
Must be felt
Now under the Sun’s gaze
Surely he will melt
Turning for the last time, I
Find a mirror
Where the second enemy lies
And in my eyes
There are some clouds
And in those clouds I see
Staring back at me
Asking me how I’ll feel
Wondering if change will come easy
But I see sunshine there, too
And it becomes clear
That though there are clouds of pain
And questions unanswered
Without those clouds
I would not gain
The strength I need to grow
And with tomorrow’s change, I
Will welcome Love and
Joy and Peace
And in their wake I’ll surely find
The priceless gift of grace
While fog is cleared to reveal
And set before my eyes
The fact that, like the moon
My life will morph and change
From broken to whole
And back to broken
Time and again
But with each phase and change
Still it’s quiet rays
Will exude light
While I embrace
What’s meant to be
And looking within, I’ll see
That though the three enemies
Are strong
Within there is Something
Stronger still
And I will count that as beauty
For no moon can shine so bright
Unless within there resides
The only Christ
So broken moon, or whole
Goodbye and broken joy behind
All is beauty if counted as loss
And with Christ within
Life is not a lost cause

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I know I’ve been kinda AWOL lately; life has had me a bit in over my head for the last month or so, but it’s been so good. :)


I feel like I've said it so many times but I have to say it again: this is so good, Damaris! It's so beautifully written that I really don't think that my describing it with words would do it justice! :D Wonderfully done!

C.S. Lewis ~ "He died not for men, but for each man. If each man had been the only man made, He would have done no less."