Breath of Spring

Submitted by Elizabeth on Wed, 02/18/2009 - 03:07

Blissfully blooming beauty sprung
Budding, arraying colours gay
Pussy willows, daisies, daffodils
Mingling fresh breath of trees

Cheerfully notes of birds fly
Amongst Mary’s eyes blue sky
Light pouring forth in great measure
In grass yellow-green with colour

Amongst the basin of watery blue
Wispy white brushstrokes flee
Droplets, sparkling, pearly rain
The whistling of wind whirls round

Blustering, fluttering shadows
Swaying, tilting boughs
Bending, leaning blades
Flying, swirling leaves

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Ohh! I love it Elizabeth. And to think you were writing it in such conditions! Lovely work.

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I love it, Elizabeth!! Awesome job. :)
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Very pretty! My favorite part was 'Amongst the basin of watery blue, whispy white brushstrokes flee'. I like it. :)
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That's beautiful.
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Calm, quiet, and smooth. I like this poem. It was as beautifuly written as the things it described.

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this is so beautiful!

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