Missing the Song

Submitted by Emilee on Tue, 11/20/2012 - 19:02

Missing the Song

The dissonance of the stained,
soiled keys-
played over, again and again.
Chaotic notes are leaping-
alive from-
the wood and ivory.

The musician-
wanting order-
for his chaotic song.
Searching for sense-
lost in rhythm,

The chord that’s strummed echoes-
soft and sad;
dripping audible tears-
on the bound world around it.
Brushed away-
by rough, unfeeling hands.

The musician-
seeking some joy
for his broken, stale heart.
Looking in harmony-
for melody,
and for relief.

The angry beat screaming over-
any beauty.
Blasting loud hate throughout-
weary lands, throbbing into -
garbled minds,
covering an absence.

The musicians -
longing for hope,
hunting in new for old,
past the original,
missing the love,
losing all peace.

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I decided I should actually do a note for this one, rather than my usual little ramble at the top of the page. This is actually my first poem where I actually focused on the syllables(Sad, I know)! But, what this poem is "about" per say, I figured probably needed explaining. I'm reading a book(The Story by Steven James, amazing, even though it is non-fiction) and the author was talking about what he calls the "original song" and saying how the whole world was searching for it. Basically, the "original song" is the original joy Adam and Eve had in the garden. That closeness with God that has never been rivaled, and how deep inside everybody longs for God and what we once knew. I love how he put it terms of a song, it makes more sense that way. How peoples lives are missing the rhythm they're supposed to have. Somewhere along the lines this poem was born, I hope you enjoy it.


I thought of an eccentric composer.

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