I Will Rise

Submitted by Gina I. on Mon, 05/01/2017 - 03:29

I have risen up
From the shadows
Though the light
You used to give
Has disappeared
I have come back
To take my revenge for you
And I will not rest
Until I’ve seen it through

I will overthrow the rulers
Who crushed me underfoot
I will watch them scream
And cower as they die
I will have no mercy
For they had none for me
And I will finally be Queen

All shall bow and worship me
And all with call me just
I deserve it
After what I’ve been through
And if anyone at all
Tries to stop me
They will quickly learn

That I will rise up
No matter what comes my way
I will earn my place of glory
That was destined for me
And I will avenge you, my love
For what they did to you
And all will fear the glory of me

Author's age when written

I wrote this as a villain song... without an actual villain to go with it. So idk, make one of your own if this inspires you at all.


So very inspiring for a character! I could really see some personality of the villain come through. Her plans, her demeanor.... it was chilly, and yet, so clear. There's a lot of room for story, yet there are already details.
I really like it!

Introverts unite!
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