Just One

Submitted by Grace J. on Sat, 02/23/2019 - 03:53

Somewhere out there is a tiny girl. She’s dressed in ragged clothes. Her barefoot feet are caked in mud and her hair is matted. Her form is thin and weak from lack of proper food and clean water. She is vulnerable to disease and is too small for her age. If one looks into her large eyes, one will see pain and experience beyond her young years. She’s seen and heard and felt things that no child should have to endure. She never laughs or smiles. She simply watches the world, afraid and defenseless.

If someone would only touch her life, they would be amazed. Her lips would part, revealing beautiful white teeth and sparkles would ignite within her eyes. Laughter would roll out of her heart and leap from her mouth to those around her. Her face would light up and her heart leap to life. Within this child, there is the potential for joy, laughter, and beauty.

If someone would only stir that potential. She is like a flower waiting to bloom: her petals are folded up, and her dreams hide within her. But if someone would nourish her, her petals would unfold. If someone would only touch her life and give her hope, she would skip and play and dance like any normal child. She would grow and mature, she would laugh and sing; she would listen and learn, she would speak and love.

There is so much potential in this child’s life; what could she become, if she were only given the opportunity? Perhaps a renowned doctor or a skilled politician, an expert musician or a loving mother. What possibilities flow inside her dirty, bleeding fingers? What lives could she touch through them? What prospects lie within her mouth? What wise words could she utter to impact her country? What potential is contained in her beautiful mind, beneath her tangled hair? What thoughts and ideas could originate there and grow into world-changing actions? What opportunities are held within her precious, tiny, scarred feet? What places could she visit and what lives could she reach? What beautiful flower could she become, if only given the soil of love and the waters of provision?

This girl is just one girl. But she needs just one person to transform her life. She needs just one person to open the doors of opportunity. She needs just one person to feed her. She needs just one person to nourish her spirit. She needs just one person to love her. She’s just one girl who needs just one person.

Who are you? Just one person. Who am I? Just one person.

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“We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” ― Ronald Reagan


This is beautiful, Grace. This essay is so highly motivating. I want so badly to be that 'one person' to someone too! I pray for these opportunities to make a lasting difference in the lives of everyone around me.
God bless, Grace!

Introverts unite!
From the comfort of your own homes!

"Who are you? Just one person. Who am I? Just one person."
Whoa. My. Goodness.
Grace, this is beautiful and inspiring and just so touching. <3 I want to be that person, too! I can't agree enough with Maddie's comment.
Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us. <3